COVID-19: #isolESSion

We live in a rapidly changing world.

‘Stage One’ shutdown in Victoria was implemented at midday Monday March 23rd.

Give this included the closure of gyms and indoor sporting facilities, the gym and club rooms are now CLOSED until further notice.

I know you were all super excited to abide by our new gym protocol, don’t worry, these will be back in place when the gym does eventually re-open.

Currently the outdoor facility including the track will remain open.

The point of these new rules is to drastically reduce the community spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. In light of this, the club strongly recommends that only essential group trainings with proper physical distancing and hygiene be conducted in this time. I implore you to think hard about what the word essential means. If you can conduct your training remotely and individually, guided by your coach, this will ALWAYS be the better option at this time. 

Here are just two reasons why you should take this seriously.

1)    The track is a council facility, so they have ultimate power over if it is closed to public use. If they deem that members are not engaging in social distancing adequately or groups are too large, they will close it and then no-one can use it.

2)    Our actions right now could be the difference between life and death for someone.

Keep active and keep in touch digitally! Let us know how you’re doing your training by social/physical distancing. Tag @athsessendon in all your insta stories.