COVID-19: Flatten the Curve

Last week feels like it was months ago.

In the past week, most of us have experienced an abrupt end to our track & field season and an interruption to the usual day to day rhythm of our lives. We love to run, jump and throw- that’s why we’re members of this club are why we work hard to be at our best.

We’re in the midst of an uncertain time world-wide with the COVID-19 outbreak, which will likely have long lasting implications.

The competitions will come later, now is time to think about the safety of our community- both here at Athletics Essendon and in the wider population.

To the young people in our community- this may seem like an over-reaction. Because if you get COVID-19 – it’ll probably be mild, you may not even realise you have it. You’re young, fit, healthy and have a robust immune system!

But think about this- there are many great members of our community that don’t have that luxury. They are more vulnerable to this virus, we need to make sure we are not inadvertently passing it on to them. We also are often unaware of the people in our wider circle who may be vulnerable themselves or have people who depend on them.

So let’s all do our bit to help flatten the curve**.

Athletics Australia has made the decision to cancel all athletics events until at least May 1st. 

It’s only a matter of time before AV puts out some recommendations around group training. 

We think they’ll look something like this and we recommend starting them now-

  • Group training/ coaching should be conducted in groups of 10 or less athletes only and these groups should be practicing strict social distancing

We’ll update when and if news comes to light regarding this. 

If you are coming to the track- please keep these things in mind.


When you arrive at the track and before you leave. Please wash your hands- with soap- for at least 20 seconds.


Even if just a little bit sick, even with just a common cold- STAY HOME.

These illnesses weaken the immune systems and can make people more vulnerable- avoid passing it on. 


Keep a distance of at least 2 meters between you and another person (this includes coaches and training buddies)

Please avoid touching other people- don’t shake hands, don’t high-5 or hug (great opportunity to come up with a new wave)

Avoid crowding – please don’t congregate in the club rooms.

For example: When you’re running around the track or around the river with a group and breathing heavily- make sure that 2m distance is still there.


This is simple- please don’t come to the tack.

Keep updated with the latest health news here:

The good news?

Exercise is a good for, both physically and mentally (but we already know that).

So keep doing it!

Connection is good. Keep in touch with your friends. We live in a connected world, pick up the phone and call, use social media for good. Physical distancing is necessary right now, but maintaining social connection is also important.

Keep an eye on our socials- we’ll be doing out best to keep us all connected.

** What does flatten the curve actually mean?