Athletics Essendon is an affiliation of the Essendon Football & Community Sporting Club (EFCSC). This relationship provides all full-fee paying Athletics Essendon members (aged 18+) with an automatic membership to Windy Hill. Whilst you remain a full fee-paying member of Athletics Essendon, your membership with Windy Hill will be automatically renewed annually on your behalf.

As a Windy Hill member, you will receive access to all associated membership privileges.

One of the primary aims of the Essendon Football Club and EFCSC is to further strengthen our community through its support of the 10 associated sporting sections. Our affiliation as an EFCSC sporting section, has provided us with the opportunity to further develop ourselves as a club thanks to financial support provided over the past decade.

Affiliated clubs have benefited via the Annual Grant Program as well as sharing in the Windy Hill Venue Profit.

Over the years the grants received from the EFCSC Trust have been used by the club to fund new steeples, hurdles, shade cloths, photo timing equipment as well as financial support to athletes and coaches. There is also a small award made biannually to a club member from each sport for club support.

We’d like to thank Essendon Football Club and the EFCSC for their continued support of our club and for providing us with the financial support to continue developing and supporting our athletes’ ambitions.