Established April 14 1897



Organised athletics began in Essendon in 1897 with the formation of the Essendon Harriers on the 14th of April. Essendon Harriers quickly developed into one of the strongest clubs, winning Victorian Championships most years. Two of the greatest Australian champions of the first decade of the 20th century were Essendon athletes Greg ‘Dad’ Wheatley and Alex Stillwell. Wheatley became the club’s first Olympian competing in Athens in 1906.

On the 11th of July 2014, all athletics and cross country fixtures were abandoned due to the growing impact of World War I. By 1916, 37 of the club’s members had enlisted.
From 1927 the club became a section of the Essendon Club, training at Windy Hill with cricketers and footballers for 41 years.
The Essendon Amateur Athletic Centre was opened in 1972 with the official opening being delayed until Sunday January 21 1973. This was the first time in the club’s history that it had a dedicated athletics track as its training ground.
On Monday August 21 members of Essendon A. A. C and East Melbourne Harriers (established 1895) met to finalise the details of the amalgamation of the two clubs. The club competed under the name Essendon-E.M.H. for the next 15 years.
Essendon-E.M.H. and Essendon-Aberfeldie amalgamated in 1993 to create Athletics Essendon.


1906 Gregory Wheatley: 800m & 1500m
1964 Gary Holdsworth: 100m, 200m & 4x100m
1968 Peter Norman: 200m (Silver Medal)
1968 Greg Lewis: 200m
1972 Laurie D’Arcy: 100m (representing New Zealand)
1976 Don Hanly: 400m hurdles & 4x400m relay
1980 John Higham 800m (withdrew due political protest)
1980 Petra Rivers: Javelin
1984 Petra Rivers: Javelin
1984 Bruce Frayne 400m & 4x400m relay
1984 Andrew Jachno: 50km walk
1988 Andrew Jachno: 20km walk & 50km walk
1992 Andrew Jachno: 20km walk
1996 Mark Ladbrook: 400m & 4×400 relay
1996 Margaret Crowley: 1500m
1996 Dion Russell: 20km walk
2000 Margaret Crowley: 1500m
2000 Dion Russell: 20km walk & 50km walk
2000 Anne Cross: 5,000m
2000 Casey Vincent: 400m
2004 Casey Vincent: 400m
2004 Sarah Jamieson: 1500m
2004 Adam Basil: 4x100m relay
2004 Sarah Jamieson: 1500m
2008 Chris Erickson: 20km walk
2012 Chris Erickson: 50km walk
2016 Chris Erickson: 50km walk
2016 Liam Adams: Marathon
2016 Linden Hall: 1500m
2020 Liam Adams: Marathon
2020 Linden Hall: 1500m


2012 Michelle Errichiello: 100m T42
2020 Maria Strong: Shot Put F33 (Bronze Medal)