Vale Elaine McLeod

It was with much sadness that we learned over the weekend of the passing of one of our club’s finest, Elaine McLeod.

She died after a long battle with illness.

Hailing from Tasmania, Elaine was the States top female sprinter, and in any other era would have represented Australia. Unfortunately for Elaine, Australia at the time was blessed with a number of world class female sprinters. She represented both Tasmania and Victoria and was an Australian 400m champion.

Elaine was the head coach of Essendon Aberfeldie Women’s Athletic Club and was still coaching while working full time. She was at the track in rain, hail or shine until her last athlete had finished training.

Elaine was a trailblazer for women in our sport. She was the first Chair of our club after the merger of Essendon Athletics, Aberfeldie Womens and EMH and remained on the committee until only recently when she took a step back for health reasons. In addition to this, she is a Life Member of the club, was an AV delegate and an AV official.

In 2014, Elaine’s achievements and contribution to the sport was honoured with a nomination to the Tasmanian Hall of Fame.

The club sends its condolences to Elaine’s family and friends.