QR Codes

This is not a drill!! All visitors (athletes, coaches & parents etc) must scan in to the MVAC using the QR code found at the PAVILLION ENTRANCE.

 “Outdoor physical recreation and community sport facilities must use the Govt app.”

Athletics Essendon has the following requirements

– If you are subject to a self-isolate restriction, please stay at home until it is resolved.

– All club members need to scan in. NOTE: Do not use Little Aths QR Code.

– Wear a mask if you are inside the clubhouse.

– If using the Gym, scan the club specific QR code on the gym doors. A limit of 6 people in the gym at any one time. Use the hand sanitiser, wipe down equipment with the wipes provided and use your own mats and towels.

Let’s hope this is over quickly.