Playoffs Victory

Athletics Essendon lead for most of the day to grab a well earned win at Lakeside.

Our “pre game” analysis suggested 60,000 points would be needed to win and we pulled together a champion team capable of just over 62,000!

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Again, we couldn’t have done it without those who fulfilled our Club Duties, especially Lisa Gunn, who has not been able to compete this year due to her work in health care (Covid) but came down to work the triple jump pit for 3 hours! Thanks also to coaches, Gaff and Gregor who worked the morning shift on the track. Parents, Anna Neethling and Robin Walker helped again, while veteran Duncan Knox put in an hour in between his 4 events. Mel Foster also helped out again while amassing over 1100 points.

Thanks to Danny and Frances for lap scoring the walks and 3000.

Final Results:

ESS 62054

DIV 48931

GHY 35721

EAG 33438

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Twenty three athletes pulled in over 1000 points (inc relays) on the day – that’s our largest number for the year. Interesting that 11 of those were from our champion 40+ team! Did you know they were the top team in the state for the season? Jamison was Number 1 in the state, Mackenzie 7th, Bouchaib 15th, Richard 18th with Arden rounding out the top 20 MVAs for the Play Off.

1Jamison Towers1,615F14
2Mackenzie Leith1,467M16
3Bouchaib Chefnaoui1,376M45
4Richard Brophy1,356M55
5Arden Stevens1,353M16
6Sebastian Weickhardt1,323M16
7Brett Maurer1,298M45
8Kevin Healy1,256M18
9Thomas Sims1,253M16
10Cailin Walker1,247F14
11Jonathan Neethling1,181M14
12Melissa Foster1,161F40
13Maria Strong1,136F50
14John Cooper1,095M65
15Duncan Knox1,079M60
16Kim Walsh1,076F45
17Kaylee Mangion1,074F18
18Sukhnoor Rangi1,072F16
19Karl Orr1,052M55
20Lily-Bella Hilli1,044F16
21Jack Walsh1,032M18
22Graeme Baynes1,014M50
22Mark Harper1,014M45

Our win was due in part to athletes willing to get out of their “comfort zone”; there were sprinters trying high jump and hammer, walkers doing 800s, 800 specialists throwing a shot. This willingness to have ago pulled in those extra points throughout the day.

Normally Kevin Healy would be our lone hammer thrower with Kim Walsh & David Jones “doing it for fun”; this year we added Imogen Makin and Jo Margiolis along with seven 40+ men learning the ropes well enough to qualify and collect 1725 important points in the Play Off. Great Team work!

Big PBs to Molly Bremner in the 3000m (27sec) and Maddy Caulfield breaking her 7 year old 800m PB by 0.4 sec. Jayme-Lee Cobain took 1 sec off her best 200m and her 2:26.5 800m time was also a PB. Jonty Neethling broke 2:10 in the 800 for the first time for a 0.5sec PB



Maria Strong 547 pts, Mark Harper 512 pts, Jamison Towers 511 pts, Brett Maurer 490 pts, Lily-Bella Hilli 483pts.


Maddison Caulfield 520 pts, Lara Sacaner 505 pts, Jonathan Neethling 496 pts, Jayme-Lee Cobain 493 pts, Jannik Ernst 482 pts


Bouchaib Chefnaoui 542 pts, Emily Mifsud 477 pts, Damien Bruneau 451 pts, Matthew Sostaric 449 pts, Molly Bremner 447 pts.


Jamison Towers 490 pts, Lily-Bella Hilli 459 pts, Amanda Wrout 255 pts.

2000m walk

Danny Hawksworth 432 pts, Duncan Knox 388 pts, Stephen Murphy 325 pts, Brian Anderson 308 pts.

Triple jump

Melissa foster 482 pts, Arden Stevens 482 pts, Tesia Haggai 482 pts, Katie Baynes 478 pts, Cailin Walker 471 pts.

High Jump

Richard Brophy 515 pts, Jamison Towers 512 pts, Thomas Sims 499 pts, Ella Duncan 485 pts, Jack Walsh 467 pts.

Shot Put

Maria Strong 561 pts, Imogin Makin 503 pts, Kevin Healy 483 pts, Kristian Lakusa 460 pts, Thomas Sims 447 pts.


Kevin Healy 527 pts, Kim Walsh 396 pts, Mark Hamblin 349 pts, Graeme Baynes 331 pts, Kristian Lakusa 317 pts

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