Victorian Track and Field Championships Week 2

Perfect conditions greeted athletes at Lakeside over the weekend, although a wind up the front straight peaked close to 4 making the 200s tough work.

Thanks to our fantastic club helpers; Stella McNamara, Jeremy Drake, Mark Harper, Tania Hardin, Desiree Leslie-Hughes, Steve Gaffney, Joel Cuzzi, Danny Hawksworth, Cam Noakes and Robin Walker.

After week 1, the HH Hunter shield was a tight contest between Ess and MU. We were 62 points with MU 60. Chris Mitrevski collected 9 HHH points. Our great horizontal jumps squad brought in close to half our H H Hunter points! ESS has won this prestigious award 5 times in the last 7 seasons but with a score of just 98 points we were lucky to come second to Box Hill who won with 112 points thanks in the main to their pole vault squad.

Congratulations to everyone who ran, jumped or threw; we are all proud of how everyone represented the club. Congratulations also to our team of coaches who work so hard to prepare our athletes for competition.


Chris Mitrevski MOP long jump 8.05m

Maria Strong WOP Seated shot put 6.40m

Ryan Tarrant M20 200m 21.69s

Mackenzie Leith M17 discus 49.62m

Sukhnoor Rangi W16 pole vault 3.20m

Jamison Towers W15 200m hurdles 30.15s

Josh Djatschenko M15 200m 23.75s


Sukhnoor Rangi W16 javelin 35.50m

Imogen Makin W15 discus 31.73m

Maddox Wilson M15 javelin 35.33m

Ella Leith W14 javelin 27.51m


Matt Hosie MOP pole vault 4.80m

Victoria Entwistle- Hardeman W20 discus 35.92m

Archie Noakes M20 3000m 8:21.17

Katie Baynes W18 long jump 5.66m PB

Kevin Healy M18 discus 45.75m

Emily Mifsud W17 3000m 10:44.28

Thomas Sims M17 javelin 42.50m

Khushnoor Rangi W16 pole vault 3.10m

Nicola Steere W16 discus 29.70m PB

Maddox Wilson W15 long jump 5.40m, discus 37.18m

Jamison towers W15 long jump 5.21m, 200m 27.05s

Medhi Mashhoutpor MAMB 200m 29.02s

Photo by Ryk Neethling
Photo by Graeme Baynes


800m: Matisse Lazzari 2:17.27 (P); Maddison Caulfield 2:10.75 (P);
Javelin: Joanna Margiolis 27.50m (5th); Melissa Foster 26.07m (6th);
Long Jump: Montana Djatschenko 5.80m (0.7) (4th); Melissa Foster 5.48m (1.2) (8th); Zara Keca 5.28m (1.6) (9th); Natalie Williams 4.49m (0.6) (14th);
Discus: Victoria Entwistle- Hardeman 35.92m (3rd);
Javelin: Victoria Entwistle- Hardeman 26.07m (6th);
Long Jump: Zoe Edwards 5.38m (-3.6) (4th); Kiyani Sydnor 5.37m (-1.2) (5th); Kaylee Mangion 5.04m (-2.4) (7th); Ebony Mangion 5.02m (-1.6) (8th)
200m: Amanda Wrout 27.91 (-3.5) (5th); 27.18 (-2.1) (P);
Long Jump: Katie Baynes 5.66m (1.4) (3rd); Amanda Wrout 5.26m (0.9) (7th);
800m: Lara Sacaner 2:21.47 (8th); 2:20.07 (P); Charlotte Jackson 2:34.19 (P);
3000m: Emily Mifsud 10:44.28 (3rd);
Long Jump: Tesia Haggai 4.85m (1.1) (9th);
200m: Lily-Bella Hilli 26.97 (-3.1) (4th); 26.95 (-2.1) (P);
200m Hurdles: Monique Leslie-Hughes 36.27 (-1.5) (4th);
Discus: Nicola Steere 29.70m (3rd);
Javelin: Sukhnoor Rangi 35.50m (2nd);
Long Jump: Khushnoor Rangi 4.59m (-0.9) (10th);
Pole Vault: Sukhnoor Rangi 3.20m (1st); Khushnoor Rangi 3.10m (3rd);
200m: Jamison Towers 27.05 (-3.4) (3rd); 26.69 (-3.2) (P);
800m: Jayme-Lee Cobain 2:29.57 (5th); 2:26.50 (P); Rosa Barbanti 2:37.00 (P); Sasha Jurson 2:37.08 (P);
200m Hurdles: Jamison Towers 30.15 (-1.4) (1st); Sasha Jurson 32.90 (-1.4) (5th);
Discus: Imogen Makin 31.73m (2nd); Chantelle Leslie-Hughes NM
Javelin: Chantelle Leslie-Hughes 28.39m (3rd);
Long Jump: Jamison Towers 5.21m (1.0) (3rd)
200m Hurdles: Cailin Walker 37.67 (-0.5) (5th);
Javelin: Ella Leith 27.51m (2nd); Heidi Duncan 24.68m (5th);
Long Jump: Cailin Walker 4.23m (0.2) (9th);
200m: Jack Hale DNS; 21.40 (-0.4) (S); 22.46 (+0.0) (P); Chris Vi 22.97 (-1.3) (S); 22.81 (-0.2) (P); Brian Mayengo 23.41 (-1.4) (P); Dunsin Akin Ojelabi 23.40 (-0.9) (P);
5000m Walk: Danny Hawksworth 26:14.74 (8th);
Long Jump: Christopher Mitrevski 8.05m (1.8) (1st); Benan Oztorun 7.06m (2.4) (6th); Tristan Scheirs 6.96m (1.4) (9th); Denis Finnegan 6.25m (1.7) (14th);
Pole Vault: Matthew Hosie 4.80m (3rd); Jade Guglielmino 4.50m (6th) (5cm PB)
200m: Ryan Tarrant 21.69 (-1.6) (1st); 22.41 (-0.3) (P); Brodie Hicks 22.51 (-1.6) (4th); 22.30 (-0.2) (P); Zachary Hijazi 24.17 (-0.3) (P);
800m: Jannik Ernst 2:04.06 (P); Patrick Steward 2:08.24 (P);
3000m: Archie Noakes 8:21.17 (3rd);
Long Jump: Liam Glew 6.10m (1.6) (7th);
800m: Riley Walsh 2:03.29 (7th); 2:01.59 (P);
Discus: Kevin Healy 45.75m (3rd);
200m: Marco Spagnuolo 24.24 (-1.1) (P);
800m: Noah Hijazi 2:10.71 (P);
Discus: Mackenzie Leith 49.62m (1st); Thomas Sims 32.63m (5th);
Javelin: Thomas Sims 42.50m (3rd);
200m: Joshua Djatschenko 23.75 (-3.7) (1st); 25.26 (+0.0) (P); Lachlan Hicks DNS; 25.34 (-2.3) (P) PB
800m: Jonathan Neethling 2:12.45 (6th); 2:11.09 (P);
Discus: Maddox Wilson 37.18m (3rd);
Javelin: Maddox Wilson 35.33m (2nd); Jonathan Neethling DNS;
Long Jump: Maddox Wilson 5.40m (1.5) (3rd);
Shot Put: Maria Strong 6.40m (1st);
200m: Mehdi Mashhoutpor 29.02 (-5.3) (3rd);