HVC Meet 1

High Velocity Club made its return for the 2019/2020 Season with Meet 1 at Glenhuntly’s Duncan Mackinnon Reserve on Thursday 13th Feb. The results from a select group of sprinters and a jumper who made the trek below.


Brian Mayengo 11.30 (2nd– Mens B) (2.2);

Chris Vi 11.33 (4th– Mens A) (0.7);

Mark Harper 11.80 (4th– Mens C) (2.2);

Ilana Grandine 12.32 (4th– Womens A) (2.0);


Ilana Grandine 24.88 (2nd- Womens A);

Mark Harper 24.19 (5th– Mens B) (1.2);


Marcus Guglielmino 49.69 (3rd- Mens B);

Long Jump

Melissa Foster 5.39m (5th- Womens);