AVSL 2020 /2021 Round 6

We were spread far and wide on Saturday with our 65 athletes travelling to Doncaster, Knox and Geelong. We also had athletes in Bendigo for the Multis.

We managed to win our sixth round to stay on top of Premier division.


Jonathan Neethling broke his own Under 14 3000m record at Geelong with a time of 10:18.56, an improvement of 24.73 sec

Arden Stevens broke the 25 year old M14 triple jump record with 12.35m.

MVA: (1000 points +)

Mackenzie Leith 1371

Richard Brophy 1322

Jack Walsh 1231

Khushnoor Rangi 1128

Sukhnoor Rangi 1066

Brian Anderson 1063

John Cooper 1024

Kevin Healy 1006


Jack Walsh M18 with 3. High jump 2.00m, 200m 25.15s and shot put 9.12m

(Photo Credit- Joanna Margiolis)

Harry Orr M16 High jump 1.90m

Ella Duncan F14 High jump 1.50m

Mackenzie Wood F18 High jump 1.55m

(Photo Credit-Joanna Margiolis)

Richard Brophy M40 High jump 1.55m

(Photo Credit-Joanna Margiolis)

Jonty Neethlin M14 3000m 10:18.56

Michael Martello MOP 1500m 4:06.7 (17 sec better)

Cam Searle MOP 400m 47.19s


Mark Harper 200m 23.38 526

(Photo Credit-Joanna Margiolis)

Kevin Healy discus 44.68m 526

Mackenzie Leith discus 53.72m 523

Cam Searle 400m 47.19s 516

Jack Walsh High jump 2.00m 513

Arden Stevens Triple jump 12.35m 513

Ella Duncan High jump 1.55m 512

Harry Orr high jump 1.90m 511

Tesia Haggai Triple jump 11.14m 506

Janine Higham 3000m 13:27.7 503

(Photo Credit-Joanna Margiolis)

Many other excellent performances across all age groups and events.

Round 7 is at Aberfeldie and again we will need our members, parents and friends to help us with Club Duties.

The club now has a simple to use app for members to volunteer an hour of their time in rounds 7 and 9. Call 0414 373 157 if you would prefer the old fashioned way of volunteering.