Vic Multi-Event Championships

The Multis were conducted at Bendigo over the weekend. We had many fantastic results.

Ellie Kewish broke the club W18 heptathlon record by almost 500points with her score of 4257 points. This gave her a National qualifier.

Tom Sims managed five PBs with his 30 sec improvement over 1500m the highlight. He achieved two National qualifiers in the 100m hurdles and heptathlon. The club will consider his 3775 points as an inaugural club M16 Heptathlon record.

Jamison Towers won gold in the W14 pentathlon with PBs in the shot and 800m. She becomes the first to hold the W14 club pentathlon record with 3492 points. She just held off Alex Sayner who collected the bronze medal with 2238 points; a PB in her 80m hurdle was a highlight.

Sukhnoor Rangi’s will also be considered for the inaugural club record in the W17 to W14 Heptathlon with 2807 points.


Shot Put: Thomas Sims 11.90m;
Long Jump: Thomas Sims 5.41m (1.6);
Javelin: Thomas Sims 33.70m;
High Jump: Thomas Sims 1.78m;
100m Hurdles: Thomas Sims 14.91 (3.3);
1500m: Thomas Sims 5:22.22;
200m: Thomas Sims 26.96 (0);


Shot Put: Alexis Sayner 7.31m; Jamison Towers 9.25m;
High Jump: Alexis Sayner 1.10m; Jamison Towers 1.58m;
80m Hurdles: Alexis Sayner 14.29 (2); Jamison Towers 13.84 (2);
800m: Alexis Sayner 3:07.89; Jamison Towers 2:35.43;
200m: Alexis Sayner 30.80 (-2.2); Jamison Towers 27.47 (-2.2);


Shot Put: Sukhnoor Rangi 7.24m; Khushnoor Rangi 7.02m;
Long Jump: Sukhnoor Rangi 4.23m (2.1); Khushnoor Rangi 4.19m (4.3);
Javelin: Sukhnoor Rangi 28.76m; Khushnoor Rangi 25.22m;
High Jump: Sukhnoor Rangi 1.32m; Khushnoor Rangi 1.38m;
90m Hurdles: Sukhnoor Rangi 16.98 (1.2); Khushnoor Rangi 16.70 (1.2);
800m: Sukhnoor Rangi 3:19.62;
200m: Sukhnoor Rangi 31.07 (1.5); Khushnoor Rangi 32.53 (-1.5);

(Credit: SS Athletics)


Shot Put: Ellie Kewish 9.60m;
Long Jump: Ellie Kewish 5.00m (4.6);
Javelin: Ellie Kewish 26.48m;
High Jump: Ellie Kewish 1.54m;
100m Hurdles: Ellie Kewish 15.27 (1.7);
800m: Ellie Kewish 2:35.81;
200m: Ellie Kewish 27.25 (0.4);

Ellie Kewish with Coach Darren Clark