Vic Relays

All the hard work by Janine, Karen, Arthur, Brad (if you have opened the full article click on their photo above to correct cropping error that is being fixed) & others paid off with 7 1sts, 3 2nds and 1 3rd. Thanks to many for great photographs. Medals won by Essendon teams followed by message from Janine.: Gold: Women U16 medley (Catherine Medes, Alex Madison, Caroline Higham, Amelia Mazza-Downie) Women U14 4×400 (Montana Djatschenko, Molly Gallagher, Isabel Young, Leteitia Presser) Men U18 4×400 (James Martin, Adam Franco, Liam Patrick, Kwame Porter) Men U16 4×400 (James Hogg, Patrick Martin, Brody Searle, Jara Konteh) Women U16 4×400 (Stephanie Yeung, Allison Rogers, Maddison Caulfield, Caroline Higham) Men A team U16 4×100 (Cameron Searle, Jara Konteh, Patrick Martin, James Hogg) Women U18 4×800 (Emilie Guy, Leteitia Presser, Olivia Gallagher, Maddison Caulfield) Silver: Women U18 medley (Rachel D’Andrea, Yvette Koso, Jesse Bonnici, Jennifer Mendes) Women U18 4×400 (Emily Lapolla, Elilie Guy, Yvette Koso, Jesse Bonnici) Men B team 4×100 (Dunsin Akino Ojelabi, Brody Searle, Jackson Connor, Jack McKernan) Bronze: Women U16 4×100 (Catherine Mendes, Madison Alexander, Isabelle McEwan-Marion, Caroline Higham) VICTORIAN RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS Message from Janine Higham. Congratulations and thanks to all those who competed in the Victorian Relay Championships on Saturday 29th Nov. at Lakeside. A fantastic day, with many great achievements and performances. Athletics Essendon –  had 34 teams competing – 10 more than last year. – had more teams then any other club competing. –  achieved 11 medals – our best ever and more than any other   club. (the next best result was 7 medals) – Every training group from Essendon had athletes competing – well done ! As per the results listed,  Essendon won 7 gold medal, 3 silver and 1 bronze – a wonderful result. MANY THANKS to;

  • Karen Benca for her many hours of hard work organising teams and her amazing preparation of the ‘on the day paperwork’. This ensured the day ran smoothly and like clockwork.
  • To our ‘Mr. Relay’ – Brad Carter. Brad spent the entire day out on the warm up track meeting team members during warm up and going through relay changes.This was an enormous task and we are all so grateful for his time and patience.
  • To Arthur Whitchell for his ongoing support for the club and the sport. Arthur was there before 10 am. as well, setting up equipment and did not leave till after 7 pm – thanks Arthur
  • To all the coaches, parents and family members for their team support including those who acted as ‘team managers’ providing support and guidance to the relay team and ensured that the athletes were in the right place at the right time.
  • To the athletes for all your contributions – a great effort.!!!!A huge day for all and a rewarding one.