Vic All-Schools

Victorian All-Schools

17 gold, 9 silver, 9 bronze (last year 15, 15, 7)

* = club record

Congratulations to all medal winners.

1st U17 200m                    Jessie Andrew                  25.34

1st U15 90m Hurdles       Ruby Pizzo                       13.14*

1st U15 Triple Jump         Ruby Pizzo                       11.49m

1st U17 200m                    Jessie Andrew                  25.34

1st U17 2000 StChase      Allison Rogers                  7.12.32

1st U17 Long Jump          Catherine Mendes            5.76m

1st U17 Triple Jump         Catherine Mendes           12.09m

1st U18 1500m                  Maddison Caulfield         4.55.35

1st U18 Shot Put               Louise Mendes                 13.80m

1st U18 Hammer Throw    Louise Mendes               50.31m

1st U20 100m Hurdles     Zara Keca                         15.40

1st U20 400m Hurdles     Zara Keca                         72.64

1st U20 Triple Jump        Zara Keca                         11.59m

1st U15 100m Hurdles    Jude Cam                            14.51

1st U15 200m Hurdles    Lachlan Jorgenson          28.38

1st U15 Javelin                 Lachlan Jorgenson          40.55m

1st U17 Long Jump          Cody Rodwell                   6.69m


2nd U15 200m Hurdles     Ruby Pizzo                       30.42*

2nd U16 Triple Jump       Montana Djatschenko     10.92m

2nd U17 1500m                 Allison Rogers                  4.57.35

2nd U18 800m                  Maddison Caulfield          2.15.92

2nd U18 Discus                 Jot Gill                             40.48m

2nd U20 800m                  Madison Crook                2.30.94

2nd U20 1500m                 Madison Crook               5.21.60

2nd U18 High Jump          Harrison Williams          1.96m

2nd U20 5000m                Muse Tesema                   17.05.79

2nd U18 Discus                Shannon Bain                    39.99


3rd U16 High Jump         Molly Gallagher               1.55m

3rd U17 100m                   Jessie Andrew                  12.37

3rd U17 2000 StChase    Emily Mizis                      7.31.68

3rd U18 Discus                 Louise Mendes                 39.42m

3rd U14 Long Jump         James Le                          5.83m

3rd U14 Hammer Throw   Kevin Healy                   32.51m*

3rd U17 400m                   Marcus Guglielmino        52.96

3rd U17 Triple Jump         Lachlan Menara               13.72m

3rd U18 Long Jump          Harrison Williams            6.94m

Help required please from coaches, parents and athletes to make sure we have picked up all from Essendon at All-Schools and also throughout the season on club records. Please advise