The President’s Run-Through December 2020

From being in a hard lockdown to now having returned to competition and a sense of normality, we’ve certainly all been through it. I hope that everyone has been safe and well throughout and has gotten to this point in one piece – hopefully the situation continues to improve.

It sure is great to be back at the track. The best thing about the athletics scene returning to a relative normal is being able to see our club do what it does best – compete. We have won every round of the Athletics Victoria Shield League so far and are currently sitting on top of the Premier Division ladder. We’re also seeing great representation across the AV specialist competitions too, where many of our athletes have shone. Credit must be paid to the athletes and coaches to be so well prepared for this summer season under trying circumstances.

Staying on the track, there are some very exciting things on the horizon – firstly with the Zatopek Lower Grades once again being hosted at Aberfeldie on January 28. Given the lack of 10km track races on the calendar, the committee is keen to make this a key event on the AV calendar, which can only be beneficial for both athletes and our club. Also in the works is a AE organised specialist steeplechase meet to be held later this summer as well as other specialist AV competitions. 

I’d like to extend thanks to those who have put their hand up so far to fulfil our club duties in competitions. It is up to every member (or parent) to donate just one hour throughout the entire season to rake a pit, retrieve a discus, or lend a hand to Arthur (who does this for hours each week) to set up or pack up some equipment. With our membership base, one hour from each member throughout the season should be plenty. This is one of the small things that makes our club great – let John Cooper know in advance the competition that you can pitch in and lend a hand (0414 373 157).

Off the track, I’m really proud to report that the club has established a junior committee, chaired by our Junior Vice-President Jo Margiolis, which gives our juniors a forum to talk generally about how our club can be better. The junior committee came up with some truly excellent ideas and many will be implemented over the coming months.

Speaking of younger athletes: The club would love your help and the club would love to recognise you for it. So if you’re studying something and have skills that you think can help our club and want to gain experience to help get your first job please get in touch. For example: photography, letter writing for grant submissions, social media, design, event management, marketing or advertising, or anything else.

Finally, on behalf of the entire Athletics Essendon committee, we wish all our members a fantastic and happy Christmas. Stay safe, train hard and set the bar high for 2021.