On XCR’23: Round 4 Cruden Farm

Round 4 of the On XCR’23 season took place at Cruden Farm, a picturesque location in Melbourne’s southern region. The event showcased remarkable performances from our athletes across various age groups. Notably, several athletes achieved commendable results, with a number of them securing top 10 positions in their respective age groups.

Bianca Puglisi (Open) exhibited her exceptional skills, finishing an impressive 5th overall. Puglisi’s performance earned her a well-deserved spot among the top competitors.

Among the Under 20 athletes, Ty Davis showcased his skills and determination, crossing the finish line in 9th place. Ruby Ellis also deserves recognition for her efforts, securing a notable 10th place in the same age group.

Charles Barrett (U18) delivered an outstanding performance, securing an impressive 2nd place finish. Barrett’s skilful execution and competitive spirit played a crucial role in his result.

Jonathan Neethling and Noah Tarallo, competing in the Under 16 category, delivered outstanding performances as well. Neethling claimed 2nd place, whilst Tarallo secured an impressive 4th place finish.

In the 60+ 7km race, Ken Hall demonstrated his unwavering dedication, finishing an impressive 9th. The race marked Hall’s first XCR competition in over five years, with his passion for the sport serving as an inspiration to athletes of all ages.

Full Results

Female Open
12km: Bianca Puglisi 44:50;
Female 20
7km: Ruby Ellis 34:26;
Female 18
5km: Charlotte Jackson 20:54;
Male Open
12km: Damien Bruneau 42:36; Charlie Blanch 44:46; James Fitzgerald 49:42; Philip Barrett 53:01; Stephen Murphy 1:34:49;
Male 20
7km: Ty Davis 24:09;
Male 18
7km: Charles Barrett 22:36; Oliver Anthony 25:47; Vemil Gunalan 28:01;
Male 16
5km: Jonathan Neethling 16:58; Noah Tarallo 17:14; Jesse Lumby 18:00; Aiden Davis 18:17; Vobbama Gunalan 19:59; Jude Barrett 21:59;
Male 60
7km: Ken Hall 43:16;