AV Shield: Round 3 Results

Zara Keca and Louise Mendes turned out strong performances for a second week in a row to finish as Athletics Essendon’s standout performers at round three of Athletics Victoria Shield on Saturday.

Keca jumped 5.44m at Nunawading’s Bill Sewart Athletics Track to win the under 20 women’s long  with 483 points, the club’s highest score in an individual event for the day, while Mendes wasn’t far behind in registering 481 points for her throw of 11.29m in the under 20 women’s shot put at Epping’s Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium.

Also impressing in the long jump at Nunawading was Lachlan Menara, who led the charge for the under 18 men with a jump of 6.50m, while there wasn’t much to separate Emily Portaro (11.26m) and Keona Tapunago (11.18m) at the head of the under 16 women’s triple jump field at Meadowglen.

In the cage, Dylan Jones proved the pick of the bunch, sending the discus sailing 35.89m for the open men at Nunawading.

On the track, Christian McFarland-Ravenello burned up the straight for the second week in a row to lead the under 18 men home in the 200m at Meadowglen in 22.63sec; Colin Ritchie was a standout in the 40+ men’s 100m, clocking 12.46sec at Geelong’s Landy Field; and Bianca Puglisi was the best of the under 16 women over 800m in posting 2min 19.97sec at Meadowglen.

In the team standings, the 40+ and under 14 men and the under 20, under 18, and under 14 women all continued their dominant starts to the season with their third straight victory.

The 2017/18 Athletics Victoria Shield season continues on Saturday, with the Wyndham Sporting Complex in Werribee serving as Essendon’s designated home venue.


Men 40+ 100m
Colin Ritchie    12.46
Domenico Condello     13.45
Matthew Goodger      18.01

Men U20 100m
Muse Tesema 13.37
Hayelom Dawit           14.02

Men U14 100m
Kevin Healy     16.47

Women U18 100m
Stephanie Richards     12.97
Montana Djatschenko             13.19

Women U14 100m
Monique Selcuk          14.83
Lauren Healy   23.64

Men 40+ 200m
Brett Maurer   25.05
Arron Downes 25.41
John Cooper    31.77
Graeme Baynes          29.89
Duncan Knox   35.10
David Jones     39.13
Adrian Fitzgerald        38.22

Men U18 200m
Christian McFarland-Ravanello          22.63
Junior Mabia   23.15
Marcus Gugliemino    23.32
Vishnu Satish  23.96
Ethan Williams           25.76

Men U16 200m
Jamie Grech    25.20
Gabriel Veljanovski     27.73
Christian Knox             32.05

Men U14 200m
Brodie Andrews          29.84
Dash Newton              30.63

Women U20 200m
Nina Lawson   27.30
Madelene Koeleman  27.30

Women U18 200m
Steph Yeung    29.29

Women U16 200m
Erin Kypreos    28.28
Emily Portaro  28.99
Shanelle Hodgkinson  29.61
Emily Newton 31.45
Amy Kirk          32.54

Men Open 400m
Dominic Hoskins         52.54
Danny Hawksworth     66.75

Men 40+ 400m
Domenico Condello     63.92

Women U18 400m
Rachel Jackson            68.36

Women U14 400m
Lauren Healy   1:59.90

Men Open 800m
Justin McLaren            2:37.2

Men 40+ 800m
Mark Morelande         2:10.7
John Cooper    2:38.2
Adrian Fitzgerald        2:58.2
David Jones     3:16.9
Duncan Knox   3:07.8

Men U20 800m
Zach Mottram 2:19.9

Men U18 800m
Vishnu Satish              2:07.8

Men U16 800m
Christian Knox             2:46.4

Men U14 800m
Brodie Andrews          2:23.0
Dash Newton              2:56.1

Women U16 800m
Bianca Puglisi 2:19.97
Aimee Jungfer 2:35.6
Amy Kirk          3:24.5

Women U14 800m
Javiah Najdovski         2:55.5

Men Open 1500m
Danny Hawksworth     4:55.54

Men 40+ 1500m
Colm Rothery  5:06.43
Matthew Goodger      7:00.4

Men U20 1500m
Muse Tesema             4:16.4
Hayelom Dawit           4:39.6

Men Open 5000m
Justin McLaren            20:24.5

Men 40+ 5000m
Adrian Fitzgerald        20:35.9
Aaron Heaney 20:40.4

Men U20 5000m
Zach Mottram             16:49.1

Women U18 5000m
Ruby Ali           20:29.6

Men U16 200m Hurdles
Christian Knox             39.71

Men 40+ Long Jump
Colm Rothery  3.66m

Men U18 Long Jump
Lachlan Menara          6.50m

Men U14 Long Jump
Jannik Ernst     4.10m
Kevin Healy     3.30m

Women U20 Long Jump
Zara Keca        5.44m

Women U18 Long Jump
Montana Djatchsenko   5.08m

Women U14
Lauren Healy   2.01m

Men 40+ Triple Jump
Duncan Knox   7.80m
Graeme Baynes          8.63m

Men U16 Triple Jump
Christian Knox             8.97m

Men U14 Triple Jump
Brodie Andrews          9.12m
Dash Newton              8.21m

Women U16 Triple Jump
Emily Portaro              11.26m
Keona Tapunago         11.18m

Women U14 Triple Jump
Caitlyn Tapungao        8.58m
Javia Najdovski           7.09m
Sienna Andrews          6.68m

Men U14 High Jump
James Yeager 1.10m

Women U16 High Jump
Maeve Bousie 1.50m
Emily Newton 1.25m

Men Open Javelin
Danny Hawksworth     31.72m

Men U14 Javelin
Kevin Healy     29.08m

Women U18 Javelin
Ruby Guppy     33.64m
Montana Djatschenko 23.21m

Men Open Shot Put
Justin McLaren            5.52m

Men 40+ Shot Put
Duncan Knox   7.32m
Graeme Baynes          6.70m
Spase Veljanovski       6.53m
Don McLaren               6.48m
Brian Anderson           5.60m

Men U16 Shot Put
Gabriel Veljanovski     7.65m
Christian Knox             5.05m

Men U14 Shot Put
Kevin Healy     11.29m
Dash Newton  6.72m

Women Open Shot Put
Melissa Hardimann    3.85m

Women U20 Shot Put
Louise Mendes            11.29m

Women U18 Shot Put
Ruby Guppy                 9.81m

Women U16 Shot Put
Emily Newton 8.32m
Amy Kirk          8.25m

Women U14 Shot Put
Sienna Andrews          5.15m
Lauren Healy               2.82m

Men Open Discus
Dylan Jones     35.89m

Men U14 Discus
Kevin Healy     34.70m

Women U20 Discus
Zara Keca        15.10m

Women U14 Discus
Orla McCarthy             27.98m

Men 40+ Hammer
Don McLaren   18.56m
Spase Veljanovski       12.84m

Men U14 Hammer
Kevin Healy     40.98m
James Yeager 13.62m

Women Open Hammer
Melissa Hardimann    15.43m