AV Shield: Round 1 Results

Athletics Essendon picked up six opening-round wins from its nine teams as the 2017/18 season of Athletics Victoria kicked off on Saturday at a host of venues around the state.

The club’s 40-plus and under 18 men and under 20, under 18, under 16, and under 14 women all topped their divisions, with the open women and under 16 men also recording solid performances to finish second.

Surprisingly, the usually strong open men failed to fire, finishing a distant third behind Melbourne University and Western Athletics with a performance they will quickly need to turn around if they are again to set its sights on the AV Shield Final.

Charlotte Wilson (open 3000m) and Jessie Andrew (under 18 100m) produced the two standout results of the day, their respective times of 9min 41.3sec and 12.20sec the club’s only two performances to crack the elite 500-point mark under AV Shield’s performance-based scoring system.

While Doncaster’s Tom Kelly Athletics Track was designated as Essendon’s home venue for the afternoon, the club’s athletes were also in action in Nunawading, Geelong, and Bendigo under the new “compete anywhere” rules introduced for this season.

AV Shield continues on Saturday with round two, with the Wyndham Sporting Complex in Werribee to serve as Essendon’s home venue.

For full results and team standings, CLICK HERE.


Men 40+ 100m
Colin Ritchie    12.49
Mark Harper    11.85
Mark Giglio     12.05
John Cooper    15.47

Men U18 100m
Junior Mabia   11.16
Christian McFarland-Ravanell            11.29
Marcus Guglielmino   11.51
Ethan Williams           12.47

Men U16 100m
James Le         12.36
Jude Cam        12.38

Women U20 100m
Nina Lawson   12.56
Zara Keca        13.20
Madeleine Koeleman 13.26

Women U18 100m
Jessie Andrew 12.20
Catherine Mendes      12.54
Stephanie Richards     12.67
Montana Djatschenko 13.14
Jennifer Mendes         13.31

Women U16 100m
Chiara Dickens            13.71

Men Open 200m
Greg Mitchell  23.39
Chris Lim         23.44
Justin McLaren            30.52
Dominic Hoskins         23.48

Men 40+ 200m
Arron Downes 25.15
Steven Townsend       30.67
Domenico Condello     27.08
Brian Anderson           33.16
Stephen Murphy         41.03

Men U16 200m
Jamie Grech  24.82
Lachlan Attard 26.60
Gabriel Veljanovski     26.93
Christian Knox             32.01

Men U14 200m
Brodie Andrews          30.24
Dash Newton  32.66
Kevin Healy     33.78

Women Open 200m
Joanna Margiolis        32.04

Women U16 200m
Erin Kypreos    27.89
Emily Newton 31.42

Women U14 200m
Lauren Healy   53.24

Men 40+ 400m
John Cooper    70.88

Men U18 400m
Vishnu Satish  50.49
Marcus Guglielmino   51.45
Junior Mabia   52.49
Christian McFarland-Ravanell            54.87
Ethan Williams           56.27

Women U18 400m
Jessie Andrew 59.60
Jennifer Mendes         61.98

Women U16 400m
Chiara Dickins 67.20

Men Open 800m
Justin McLaren            2:40.6
Danny Hawksworth     3:53.7

Men 40+ 800m
Domenica Condello     2:33.2
Jeff Jones        2:34.2
Duncan Knox   3:05.3
David Jones     3:22.4
Stephen Murphy         3:21.8
Matthew Goodger      3:19.2

Men U16 800m
Lachlan Attard 2:08.6
Rayvia McIntosh         2:23.9
Christian Knox 3:02.5

Men U14 800m
Brodie Andrews       2:26.2
Sam De Losa   2:56.1
Dash Newton  3:08.6

Women Open 800m
Lisa Dalley       2:49.5
Lisa Gunn        3:18.6
Joanna Margiolis        3:20.1

Women U18 800m
Rachel Jackson            2:46.4

Women U16 800m
Bianca Puglisi 2:25.28
Eliza Connors  2:34.6
Aimee Jungfer 2:41.2

Women U14 800m
Javiah Najdovski         3:09.1
Lauren Healy   4:42.1

Men U18 1500m
Nathan Gallagher       5:17.3

Women U16 1500m
Tia Chitty         5:14.5

Men 40+ 3000m
Jeff Jones        10:14.7
Brian Anderson           11:25.4
Adrian Wrout  11:18.5
David Jones     14:36.6
Stephen Murphy         13:30.1
Duncan Knox   13:59.4
Matthew Goodger

Men U16 3000m
Rayvia McIntosh         10:20.1
Christian Knox             14:30.8

Women Open 3000m
Charlotte Wilson         9:41.3
Lisa Gunn        13:41.6

Women U18 3000m
Ruby Ali           12:06.1

Women U16 3000m
Bianca Puglisi 10:54.5

Men U16 200m Hurdles
Christian Knox             48.88

Women U16 90m Hurdles
Ruby Pizzo       13.65
Emily Portaro              14.09

Men 40+ 3000m Walk
Mark Donahoo 14:22.3

Men Open Long Jump
Jordan Mancuso          5.71m

Men U18 Long Jump
Lachlan Menara          6.70m

Men U16 Long Jump
James Le         5.70m

Women U20 Long Jump
Zara Keca        5.32m

Women U18 Long Jump
Montana Djatschenko 5.34m
Catherine Mendes      4.86m

Women U16 Long Jump
Emily Portaro  5.30m
Ruby Pizzo       5.18m

Men 40+ Triple Jump
Duncan Knox   7.53m

Men U16 Triple Jump
Lachlan Attard            9.11m
Christian Knox             8.26m

Men U14 Triple Jump
Brodie Andrews          8.32m
Kevin Healy     7.83m

Women U16 Triple Jump
Emily Newton 8.52m

Men 40+ High Jump
Brian Anderson           1.05m

Men U14 High Jump
James Yeager 1.15m

Women U16 High Jump
Emily Newton 1.25m

Women U18 Javelin
Ruby Guppy     33.47m

Women U16 Javelin
Chiara Parker

Men Open Shot Put
Justin McLaren            5.64m

Men 40+ Shot Put
Steve Townsend         8.75m
John Cooper    7.32m
Colin Ritchie    8.21m
Duncan Knox   6.81m
Don McLaren   6.68m
Spase Veljanovski       6.16m

Men U16 Shot Put
Gabriel Veljanovski     7.70m
Christian Knox 5.05m

Men U14 Shot Put
Kevin Healy     11.50m
Dash Newton  6.81m

Women Open Shot Put
Teri Crook        5.71m
Joanna Margiolis        6.25m
Melissa Hardiman      4.29m

Women U20 Shot Put
Zara Keca        7.07m

Women U18 Shot Put
Montana Djatschenko 8.79m

Women U16 Shot Put
Emily Newton 8.37m
Chiara Dickins 7.44m

Women U14 Shot Put
Lauren Healy   2.31m

Women U14 Discus
Orla McCarthy             26.99m

Men 40+ Hammer
Spase Veljanovski       11.40m

Men U14 Hammer
Kevin Healy     39.94m

Women Open Hammer
Melissa Hardiman      16.15m
Joanna Margiolis        14.49m