2020 Victorian Championships Weekend 1

All the Athletics Essendon results from weekend 1 of the Victoria State Champs. The Medal tally stands as follows:

8 Gold

10 Silver

7 Bronze

A very big THANK YOU to our small band of Volunteers who assisted the AV Officials over the first weekend; Jeremy Drake, Kim Walsh, David Jones, John Cooper and Kelly Wood.


Maria Strong Shot Put Female Open- seated 6.09m
Tierra Exum Triple Jump Female Open 12.78m
Emily Portaro Triple Jump Female U18 11.64m
Ruby Pizzo Triple Jump Female U20 12.06m
Ayo Ore Triple Jump Male Open 16.05m
Harry Orr High Jump Male U15 1.78m
Kevin Healy Hammer Male U16 65.53m
Angus Wood Triple Jump Male U20 14.35m


Louise Mendes Hammer Female Open 49.27m
Amanda Wrout 90m Hurdles Female U16 13.75
Maeve Bousie High Jump Female U20 1.63m
Shemaiah James Triple Jump Male Open 16.01m
Thomas Sims High Jump Male U15 1.74m
Kevin Healy Shot Put Male U16 14.70m
Archie Noakes 2000m Steeple Male U17 6:09.29 –
Club Record!
Jack Walsh High Jump Male U17 1.80m
Cooper Cavallo Triple Jump Male U17 13.12m
Jude Cam 110m Hurdles Male U20 15.09


Catherine Mendes Triple Jump Female Open 12.29m
Pemi Akin Ojelabi Triple Jump Male Open 14.75m
Jonathan Neethling 400m Male U14 62.36
Jonathan Neethling 1500m Male U14 4:45.44
Jonathan Neethling High Jump Male U14 1.30m
Joshua Tracy 1500m Male U16 4:16.87
Jade Guglielmino Pole Vault Male U20 4.10m (PB!)


100m: Ilana Grandine 12.15 (5th) (1.1);  12.38 (P) (-0.1); Linda Caligiuri 14.68 (P) (-0.5);

1500m: Lauren Connell 4:37.59 (8th);

3000m Steeple: Allison Rogers 13:06.15 (6th);

Hammer: Louise Mendes 49.27m (2nd);

Triple Jump: Tierra Exum 12.78m (1st) (0.7); Catherine Mendes 12.29m (3rd) (1.2); Zara Keca 11.95m (4th) (0.4); Melissa Foster 11.33m (5th) (0.2);


Shot Put: Maria Strong F33 6.09m (1st);


400m: Hazel Lockwood 68.57 (8th);

1500m: Charlotte Jackson 5:05.98 (8th); Emily Mifsud 5:24.42 (12th);

Triple Jump: Hazel Lockwood 10.78m (6th) (0.8);


100m: Amanda Wrout 12.88 (P) (1.4);

90m Hurdles: Amanda Wrout 13.75 (2nd) (1.0);  14.21 (P) (0.8);

Triple Jump: Katherine Baynes 10.79m (4th) (2.6);


High Jump: Mackenzie Wood 1.55m (6th); Kaylee Mangion 1.40m (8th);


High Jump: Dakodah Cott 1.60m (4th);

Triple Jump: Emily Portaro 11.64m (1st) (0.6);


400m: Eliza Connors 60.67 (P);

1500m: Bianca Puglisi 4:45.30 (4th); Aimee Jungfer 4:59.95 (9th);

High Jump: Maeve Bousie 1.63m (2nd);

Triple Jump: Ruby Pizzo 12.06m (1st) (-0.2);


100m: Tristan Scheirs DNS;  10.75 (S) (4.9);  11.02 (P) (0.4); Dunsin Akin Ojelabi 11.41 (P) (-0.8); Brian Mayengo 11.49 (P) (-1.6); Mark Harper 11.72 (P) (-1.6);

400m: Marcus Guglielmino 49.86 (S);  49.62 (P); Jara Konteh DQ (S);  49.17 (P); Michael Martello 53.79 (P);

1500m: Marco Pitisano 4:07.34 (P);

3000m Steeple: Aidan Roberts DNF;

Triple Jump: Ayo Ore 16.05m (1st) (0.2); Shemaiah James 16.01m (2nd) (-1.9); Pemi Akin Ojelabi 14.75m (3rd) (-1.3); Denis Finnegan 14.71m (4th) (1.2);


400m: Jonathan Neethling 62.36 (3rd);

1500m: Jonathan Neethling 4:45.44 (3rd);

High Jump: Jonathan Neethling 1.30m (3rd);


1500m: Dylan Rowbottom 4:44.68 (11th);

High Jump: Harry Orr 1.78m (1st); Thomas Sims 1.74m (2nd);

Shot Put: Thomas Sims 8.96m (8th);


1500m: Joshua Tracy 4:16.87 (3rd);  4:20.60 (P);

Hammer: Kevin Healy 65.53m (1st);

Shot Put: Kevin Healy 14.70m (2nd);

Triple Jump: Sebastian Carta 10.96m (10th) (0.1);


100m: James Kerr 11.94 (P) (-1.1);

400m: Sky Robertson 55.05 (8th);  52.59 (P); Patrick Steward 54.26 (P); Jordan Smith 58.06 (P);

2000m Steeple: Archie Noakes 6:09.29 (2nd);

High Jump: Jack Walsh 1.80m (2nd);

Triple Jump: Cooper Cavallo 13.12m (2nd) (-0.6);


100m: Rizin Sharafuddeen 11.85 (P) (-0.2); Declan Berne 12.19 (P) (-0.6);

400m: Jack Tat 55.54 (P);

1500m: Lachlan Attard 4:11.10 (6th);  4:13.79 (P);

2000m Steeple: Brody Thrum 6:23.41 (6th);

110m Hurdles: Sam Conti 17.52 (8th) (0.4);


110m Hurdles: Jude Cam 15.09 (2nd) (-0.4);

Pole Vault: Jade Guglielmino 4.10m (3rd); Triple Jump: Angus Wood 14.35m (1st) (1.4)