XCR’17 Rd 6: Albert Park Road Race

Albert Park on 16th July. Our top men in good form. A great win in the open event for Mitch Brown, followed by Liam Adams, 2nd in the middle of a marathon training session.

U16 girls, Bianca Puglisi 6th and new member Tia Chitty 19th.

U16 boys, Lachlan Attard 12th, Christian Knox 25th

U18 girls, Rubi Alli 11th.

U18 men, Athan Tsoulos 14th, Max Taylor 23rd

U20 men, Muse Tesema 9th, Mason Scott 11th, Hayelom Dawit 15th, Zach Mottram 18th.

Open Women, Charlotte Wilson 6th, Erin Rayner 43rd, Laura Patterson 66th.

CLICK HERE for full results.