XCR Round 9: Burnley Half Marathon

Over the weekend seven of our athletes took on the challenge of running the Burnley Half Marathon. Congratulations to Charlotte Wilson (1:21:25), Abere Belay (1:05:18), Liam Adams (1:06:35), Damien Bruneau (1:11:15), Alexander Smith (1:35:53), Troy Jardine (1:41:47) and Aaron Heaney (1:45:44) for completing the course.

A number of athletes also competed in the 5km race. Congratulations to the following athletes who finished in the top 10 of their respective age groups: Archie Noakes (15:09), Charlotte Jackson (20:31), Noah Tarallo (17:16), Maggie Armstrong (28:40) and Brian Anderson (22:19).

Full Results

Open Women
21.1km: Charlotte Wilson 1:21:25

U18 Women
21.1km: Charlotte Wilson 1:21:25;

U16 Women
5km: Rosa Barbanti 23:00

50+ Women
5km: Maggie Armstrong 28:40

Open Men
21.1km: Abere Belay 1:05:18; Liam Adams 1:06:35; Damien Bruneau 1:11:15; Alexander Smith 1:35:53; Troy Jardine 1:41:47; Aaron Heaney 1:45:44

U20 Men
5km: Archie Noakes 15:09; Jannik Ernst 20:01

U14 Men
5km: Noah Tarallo 17:16; Jude Barrett 19:17

60+ Men
5km: Brian Anderson 22:19