XCR Round 7: Lakeside 10 + Family3k

A flat, fast course as well as near perfect conditions welcomed a field of about 900 runners to Lakeside early on Sunday for the 10Km road championships.

Thanks to Noel White & Jeremy Drake on the drink station and John Cooper at the turn around.

In the early race over 3Km, Charlotte Jackson (W18) ran 11:46, while our boys showed we have a bright future in XCR with Jonathan Neethling winning the M16 race and Charles Barrett in 2nd place. Jude Barrett kept it a family affair grabbing 3rd place in the M14 race.

Ty Davis (M18, 12th), Oliver Anthony (M18, 13th) and Jannik Ernst (M20) tackled the longer event.

Abere Belay (Frances Lipscombe) stayed up with the top 10 in the first lap before finishing as our number 1 in 23rd spot in a slick 30:53. Tim Briggs and Gary Murphy had their first hit out with our club.

Our Men’s Div 2 team scored a huge 1483 points to end the day in last spot, while our Premier Women’s team had only 3 runners to finish in 9th place out of 10 teams. Matisse Lazzari was our best, finishing 41st in 38:41. Once again our senior teams were filled by mostly older members with 9 of our 13 starters being on the wrong side of 40.

Our ELAC members competed at the Little Aths State cross country championships at Lake Dewar, Myrniong on Saturday. Madigan Carroll won the U13 3Km while Molly Bremner was 2nd in the U12 2 Km event. Jonathan Neethling just keeps winning taking out the U14 3Km race. Rosa Barbanti and Chase Jardine also did well.

Full Reults:

10km: Matisse Lazzari 38:41; Janine Higham 50:51; Maggie Armstrong 62:05 (PB)
3km: Charlotte Jackson 11:46;
10km: Abere Belay 30:53; Jeffrey Jones 39:05; Timothy Briggs 39:35; Troy Jardine 40:37; Alexander Smith 44:36; Aaron Heaney 47:48; Gary Murphy 47:57; Brian Anderson 48:02; Stephen Murphy 54:25; Matthew Goodger 67:31;
10km: Jannik Ernst 42:24;
10km: Ty Davis 41:22; Oliver Anthony 43:35;
3km: Jonathan Neethling 09:17; Charles Barrett 09:30;
3km: Jude Barrett 10:42;