XCR Round 5: Sandown Relays

This weekend saw our XCR squad head out east to compete at the Sandown Relays and the red & black army were out in force with nine teams entered.

The calm weather provided the perfect running conditions as the first heat of races took off at 12:45. With a full-strength team our Premier Division Women came away with their first medal of the 2022 XCR season. Bianca Puglisi flew around the course to set the women up for a competitive race. Maddy Caulfield, Matisse Lazzari and Audrey Savage performed strongly to hold the team in place with team captain Charlotte Wilson playing the pivotal anchor role to secure the third place finish with a 22:00 run.

Photo by Ryk Neethling (

Our U18 Women entered an unchanged team for their third relay this season and came away with back to back wins. Emily Mifsud, Charlotte Jackson and Lara Sacaner continued their consistent season form and powered their way to their second win in a row, finishing the course in 35:00.

The U16 and U14 Men’s teams performed strongly against highly competitive competition in the 3x3km relays. Both age groups featured extremely strong fields as they battled their way around the course but unfortunately fell just short of finishing in the top 3. The competitiveness in both these age groups have set up the field for a fiery final round at the Tan Relay Race in September.


Women Premier Division
5×6.2km: (Bianca Puglisi: 22:29, Maddison Caulfield: 23:05, Matisse Lazzari: 23:38, Audrey Savage: 25:03, Charlotte Wilson: 22:00) 1:56:15

Women Division 3
4x6km: (Janine Higham: 30:24, Joanna Margiolis: 39:34, Lisa Gunn: 30:47, Maggie Armstrong: 38:55) 2:19:40

Women U18
3x3km: (Emily Mifsud: 11:46, Charlotte Jackson: 11:49, Lara Sacaner: 11:25) 35:00

Women U16
3x3km: (Jayme-lee Cobain: 12:29, Alexis Shead: 12:24, Rosa Barbanti: 13:22) 38:15

Men Division 2
6×6.2m: (Jeffrey Jones: 23:23, Daniel Rees: 22:50, Matthew Sostaric: 21:33, Troy Jardine: 24:29, Damien Bruneau: 21:32, Jannik Ernst: 25:19) 2:19:06

Men Division 4
5×6.2km: (Oliver Byrnes: 22:44, Mark Carey: 25:41, John Cooper: 29:43, Alexander Smith: 26:17, Brian Anderson: 28:14) 2:12:39

Men Division 6
4x6km: (David Jones: 36:15, Matthew Goodger: 40:00, James Brennan: 35:06) 1:51:21

Men U16
3x3km: (Jonathan Neethling: 09:52, Jude Barrett: 11:45, Charles Barrett: 09:40) 31:17

Men U14
3x3km: (Chase Jardine: 12:49, Lucas Harris: 11:48, Molly Bremner: 12:49) 37:26