XCR Round 4: St Anne’s Myrniong

The sun was shining but the icy wind was in full force as our 31 athletes took on the challenging XCR course. There were plenty of hills and uneven ground to navigate, with many of our open runners facing the additional challenge of climbing over rocks.

Having finished third at the Jells Park Relays in round 1, our U18 women went into the St Anne’s relays with a clear goal in mind. Emily Mifsud, Charlotte Jackson and Lara Sacaner all worked hard to navigate the course and the effort paid off as they came home strongly to secure first place.

The men’s U16 team also saw success with Jonty Neethling, Lucas Harris (club debut) and Jude Barrett all working hard to finish in second place. Alexis Shead, Jayme-Lee Cobain and Rosa Barbanti ensured the club’s success in the junior ranks continued by securing third place in a competitive U16
category. The 60+ men featuring Brian Anderson, John Cooper & Mark Donahoo turned back the clock to also claim bronze.

A massive thank you to our helpers, Mat Cobain, Phillip Barrett, Rob Barbanti and Chris Jackson.

All junior athletes and Open Men who are interested in competing in a relay at Sandown please email by 5:00pm this Friday. Include your name and age group in the email. Open Women should contact Charlotte Wilson if they are interested in competing in the women’s team.

Full Results:

Open Women

31.2km Ekiden: Lisa Gunn: 48:25 (8.8km), Matisse Lazzari: 33:00 (8km), Maddison Caulfield: 26:20

(6.1km), Joanna Margiolis: 31:57 (4.7km), Maggie Armstrong: 25:00 (3.6km) 2:44:42;

U18 Women

16.7km Ekiden: Emily Mifsud: 30:34 (7km), Charlotte Jackson: 25:33 (6.1km), Lara Sacaner: 15:42

(3.6km) 1:11:49;

U16 Women

16.7km Ekiden: Jayme-lee Cobain: 27:39 (6.1km), Alexis Shead: 21:08 (4.7km), Rosa Barbanti: 17:38

(3.6km) 1:06:25;

Open Men

38.2km Ekiden: Damien Bruneau: 31:42 (8.8km), Matthew Sostaric: 30:14 (8km), Ben Rowse: 28:21

(7km), Daniel Rees: 25:16 (6.1km), Troy Jardine: 19:53 (4.7km), Jannik Ernst: 14:42 (3.6km) 2:30:08;

34.6km Ekiden: Danny Hawksworth: 41:40 (8.8km), Aaron Heaney: 39:38 (8km), Stephen Murphy:

43:22 (7km), Adrian Fitzgerald: 36:03 (6.1km), Mark Carey: 21:50 (4.7km) 3:02:33;

U18 Men

18.8km Ekiden: Campbell Johns: 28:13Charles Barrett: 12:55 (7km), Oliver Byrnes: 23:35 (6.1km), Charles Barrett: 12:55 (3.6km) 1:04:43;

U16 Men

16.7km Ekiden: Jonathan Neethling: 21:37 (6.1km), Lucas Harris: 19:17 (4.7km), Jude Barrett: 14:30

(3.6km) 55:24;

60+ Men

18.8km Ekiden: Brian Anderson: 42:23 (8km), John Cooper: 33:18 (6.1km), Mark Donahoo: 24:55
(4.7km) 1:40:36;

XCR Ladder:
Women: Premier 9th; U18 1st; U16 3rd
Men: Div 2 9th; Div 4 4th; U18 5th; U16 2nd; 60+ 3rd