XCR Round 2: St Anne’s Bendigo

We welcomed two new members to the club on Saturday and they can both be proud of their performances. Campbell Johns finished 17th in the M18 4Km, while 13 year old Jude Barrett finished 5th in the M14 race.

It was also good to see Noel White return to competitive racing.

Saturday’s event was about the experience with wine tasting, a coffee van, food and music as well as a tough course rolling through the St Anne’s vineyard.

Our Open men’s team was dominated by Liam Adams (9th place 25:18) but was then filled with five over 45 year olds! Where are our young runners? Of our 17 runners, only Liam and Charlotte Wilson were between 20 and 40.

W Open
8km: Charlotte Wilson 29:43; Lisa Gunn 43:36. The team finished 9th (out of 10)
3km: Charlotte Jackson 12:24;
3km: Jayme-lee Cobain 13:36;
M Open
8km: Liam Adams 25:18; Damien Bruneau 29:13; Jeffrey Jones 35:06; Noel White 36:14; Adrian Fitzgerald 47:28; Stephen Murphy 50:09; (The team finished 12th of 13)
4km: Jannik Ernst 16:45;
4km: Ty Davis 14:08; Campbell Johns 14:42;
3km: Oliver Anthony 10:28; Jonathan Neethling 10:57; (Our best team result coming 3rd, with Oliver finishing in 2nd place)
4km: Jude Barrett 16:29.
4km: Brian Anderson 20:12;

Photo by Ryk Neethling.

Our next event is Cruden Farm on June 18. If you’re going we would like to get the tent there and back. Contact John on 0414373157 if you can help.