XCR Round 10: Tan Relays

The 2022 XCR season came to an end with the running of the Tan Relays.

Congratulations to Damien Bruneau for taking out the M45+ XCR Champion athlete award.

Saturday was our best day by far with the Division 2 team finishing in 3rd place giving us 11 ladder points. Those 11 points gave us just enough to finish equal 2nd last with Western Athletics; on a countback, we managed to avoid relegation.

Our Premier women’s team was strengthened by the addition of Linden Hall, fresh off her successes overseas. Her efforts helped the women’s team finish 5th on the day.

Our U16 Men finished first by a huge 90 seconds while the U18 Women topped off a fantastic season with another podium finish.

Our Division 4 team finished the day in 7th place, whilst the Division 6 and 7 teams both finished 4th.

The U16 Women and U14 Men finished in 6th place whilst our two 60+ teams finished 5th and 7th.

Thanks to Sandra Schultz and Frances Batchelor for conducting club duties. Without club volunteers, competitions are unable to run. We’d like to thank Ryk Neethling ( for his hard work taking photos across all XCR rounds. Thanks to Brian Anderson who took the tent or banner to each event. Brian was the only member of our club’s 60+ short course team and managed third place.

Open Women
5×3.87km: (Maddison Caulfield: 13:52, Matisse Lazzari: 14:19, Allison Rogers: 15:26, Linden Hall: 12:26, Lisa Gunn: 18:29) 1:14:32;

U18 Women
3×3.87km: (Emily Mifsud: 15:04, Charlotte Jackson: 15:37, Lara Sacaner: 14:07) 44:48;

U16 Women
3×3.87km: (Jayme-lee Cobain: 15:38, Rosa Barbanti: 15:57, Alexis Shead: 16:13) 47:48;

Open Men
Division 2: 6×3.87km: Archie Noakes: 10:59, Abere Belay: 11:06, Matthew Sostaric: 12:41, Charlie Blanch: 12:45, Oliver Byrnes: 13:20, Damien Bruneau: 12:20 1:13:11;

Division 4: 5×3.87km: Jeremy Drake: 13:34, Daniel Rees: 14:09, Jannik Ernst: 14:18, Timothy Briggs: 14:14, Troy Jardine: 14:58 1:11:13;

Division 6: 4×3.87km: Danny Hawksworth: 15:14, Mark Carey: 15:34, Christian Knox: 13:54, Alexander Smith: 14:36 59:18;

Division 7: Matthew Goodger: 23:16, Maggie Armstrong: 21:17, James Brennan: 20:24, Aaron Heaney: 17:53 1:22:50;
U16 Men
3×3.87km: Jonathan Neethling: 12:35, Noah Tarallo: 13:01, Charles Barrett: 12:24 38:00;

U14 Men
3×3.87km: Jude Barrett: 14:24, Lucas Harris: 15:21, Chase Jardine: 16:34 46:19;

60+ Men
Team 1: Brian Anderson: 17:27, John Cooper: 18:11, Mark Donahoo: 18:23) 54:01;
Team 2: Janine Higham: 18:27, David Jones: 21:22, Stephen Murphy: 20:17 1:00:06;