XCR Round 1: Jells Park Wrap

The XCR season got under way at Jells Park, with a slightly different but still challenging course.

Thanks to Adrian Fitzgerald, Mitch Brown & James Brennan for standing out in the weather for the entire day making sure the event ran smoothly. Thanks also to Brian Anderson for getting our big club tent to the event without which there would have been many more wet Essendon runners and supporters.

It was great to have our Tokyo runners lead off. Linden Hall (proudly wearing the #1 bib) had us in front in the Women’s Division 1 while Liam Adams had Essendon well positioned in the Men’s Division 2 event.

Welcome to our new member, Alexis Shead who ran the fastest time for our U16 team.

Our best team result was the W18 team who made it onto the podium.

  • Women’s Div 1 finished 5th (of 8 teams).
  • The Men’s Div 2 team finished 13th (of 13)
  • M40+ 5th of 9 teams
  • M60+ 6th of 9 teams
  • W18 3rd or 12 teams
  • W16 6th of 12 teams – a good job when two of the girls would normally be in our U14 team
WOpen 1
5x6km: (Linden Hall: 20:07, Maddison Caulfield: 23:17, Matisse Lazzari: 23:34, Lisa Gunn: 30:49, Charlotte Wilson: 22:44) 2:00:31;
3x3km: (Emily Mifsud: 11:44, Charlotte Jackson: 12:00, Lara Sacaner: 11:38) 35:22;
3x3km: (Alexis Shead: 12:19, Molly Bremner: 12:43, Jayme-lee Cobain: 12:23) 37:25;
MOpen 2
6x6km: (Liam Adams: 18:35, Jannik Ernst: 24:52, Troy Jardine: 24:42, Aaron Heaney: 27:46, Ben Rowse: 22:07, Danny Hawksworth: 25:31) 2:23:33;
3x6km: (Jeffrey Jones: 24:36, Damien Bruneau: 21:33, Daniel Rees: 23:19) 1:09:28;
3x6km: (Brian Anderson: 30:08, David Jones: 34:51, Stephen Murphy: 34:52) 1:39:51;

The club is looking for someone to take a tent to Bendigo on May 28. We will need someone to bring it back as well. Call John on 0414 373 157 if you can fit a 3×3 tent into your car. We are also hoping to Car Pool to Bendigo.

The club needs more distance runners to sign up for the 2022-2023 season and race in the upcoming XCR 2022 events.

See you all on Saturday May 28 for XCR 2022 round 2 at St. Anne’s Winery Bendigo (Ravenswood), for the open 8km and the junior/masters 3km/4km events.

Round 2 is an individual race and you must enter via the AV website, whether you have a XCR package or not.