Victorian State Relay Champs

Quality.. not quantity.

3 teams, 3 medals, 1 record.

A big thanks to club helpers- Maz Strong, Cameron Noakes, Arthur Whitchell and John Cooper.

Mens Open 4x100m

1st – 39.86s (GOLD)

Vic Open Club Record

Athletics Essendon Club Record

Jack Hale, Chris Mitrevski, Jacod Despard and Cam Searle

Men’s 40+ 4x1500m

1st – 18:52.08 (GOLD)

Danny Hawksworth, Jeremy Drake, Damien Bruneau and Jonathan Brown

Open women’s 4x800m

3rd – 9:42.64 (BRONZE)

Anna Kasapis, Isabelle Gerardi, Allison Rogers and Caroline Higham