Victorian Country Champs

Three days of competition at a warm Ballarat track saw ESS well represented. Metro place getters received an Invitational medal.

Congratulations to Archie Noakes for smashing the club U 17 and U 18 2000m steeplechase records with a time of 5:59.84. The U 18 record had stood for 13 years.

Mark Harper ran a huge 200m PB of 22.99s. A great return for his hard work.

Jonathan Neethling had a brilliant weekend taking 8 seconds off his 800 PB, winning the 400 in a well judged race and finishing 2nd in his 1500!

Patrick Steward and Jayme-Lee Cobain ran a PBs in their 400s.

Alexis Sayner continues to improve with a 200 PB.

Special mention to Charlotte Jackson who fell after being pushed but got up and finished her 1500 despite being badly grazed.


200m: Alexis SAYNER 29.56 (0.4 ) PB
400m: Jayme-Lee COBAIN 66.66 PB
1500m: Jayme-Lee COBAIN 5:43.59; 
80m Hurdles: Chantelle LESLIE-HUGHES 14.18 (1.2 ); Alexis SAYNER 15.03 (1.2 ); Jamison TOWERS 13.67 (1.2 ); 
High Jump: Jamison TOWERS 1.55m; 
Long Jump: Jamison TOWERS 4.83m (+0.0); 
Shot Put: Chantelle LESLIE-HUGHES 8.97m; 


800m: Emily MIFSUD 2:36.97; Charlotte JACKSON 2:32.82; 
1500m: Charlotte JACKSON 5:34.44; 
90m Hurdles: Lily-Bella HILLI 14.64 (0.9 ); Monique LESLIE-HUGHES 18.65 (0.9 ); 
200m Hurdles: Lily-Bella HILLI 31.71 (0.8 ); 
Long Jump: Lily-Bella HILLI 4.56m (+0.0); Tesia HAGGAI 5.16m (+0.0); 
Shot Put: Monique LESLIE-HUGHES 6.61m; 
Triple Jump: Tesia HAGGAI 10.81m (-1.4); 


800m: Audrey SAVAGE 2:29.66; 
High Jump: Mackenzie WOOD 1.45m; 
Long Jump: Katherine BAYNES 4.94m (0.5); 
Triple Jump: Katherine BAYNES 11.30m (+0.0); 

Photo Credit: watchbox images (Graeme Baynes)


100m: Melissa FOSTER 13.17 (2.2 ); 
Triple Jump: Melissa FOSTER 11.81m (+0.0); 


200m: Linda CALIGIURI 29.50 (1.3 ); 


Discus: Victoria ENTWISTLE- HARDEMAN 35.20m; 
Long Jump: Montana DJATSCHENKO 5.65m (+0.0); 
Triple Jump: Zara KECA 12.16m (+0.0); 

Photo Credit (ss_Athletics)


100m: Chris LIM 11.29 (1.3 ); 
200m: Chris LIM 22.76 (1.2 ); 
400m: Michael MARTELLO 54.81; 
800m: Michael MARTELLO 2:03.42; 
Triple Jump: Ayo ORE 16.07m (1.7 ); Angus WOOD 14.66m (+0.0); 


1500m: Lachlan ATTARD 4:10.12; 
3000m Steeple: Brody THRUM 11:11.28; 


400m: Patrick STEWARD 54.21 PB
800m: Patrick STEWARD 2:04.43; 
2000m Steeple: Archie NOAKES 5:59.84 CLUB RECORD!
High Jump: Jack WALSH 1.82m; 
Triple Jump: Cooper CAVALLO 12.36m (-4.0); 

Photo Credit: ss_athletics


100m: Marco SPAGNUOLO 11.82 (0.4 ); 
200m: Marco SPAGNUOLO 24.38 (+0.0); 
800m: Noah HIJAZI 2:13.38; 
1500m: Dylan ROWBOTTOM 5:06.91; 
Triple Jump: Sebastian WEICKHARDT DNS; Arden STEVENS 12.18m (+0.0);


400m: Jonathan NEETHLING 61.08; 
800m: Jonathan NEETHLING 2:16.46 PB
1500m: Jonathan NEETHLING 4:56.15; 


100m: Mark HARPER 11.27 (2.6 ); 
200m: Mark HARPER 22.99 (1.3 ) PB


800m: Mark CAREY 2:41.07; 
3000m Walk: Stephen MURPHY 20:18.34; 


400m: John COOPER 70.34;