Victorian Track and Field Championships Week 1

Our club went into the state champs chasing the H H Hunter Shield for another year.

This is awarded to the club achieving the best results in the Open age group and is named after Herbert H Hunter (Nov 18, 1881 – May 8 1915), an outstanding athlete, boxer and footballer, playing centre for Essendon FC. He was Captain of the 7th Battalion which landed in Gallipoli on ANZAC Day; he was injured in the landing and later hit and killed by a stray bullet.

The H H Hunter Shield was gifted to VAAA (now AV) in 1920. Essendon has won the shield more than any club over those 100+ years. Week 2 will decide if we take it home for another year!

A big thanks to those members and parents who showed the same spirit by volunteering and helping over the weekend. Adrian Wood, Duncan Knox, Susan Harris, Manpreet Rangi, Kristen Towers, Joel Cuzzi and Kim Walsh.

Photo by Joanna Margiolis

Along with a number of PBs, a World Junior Qualifier and a couple of club records, we congratulate Mel Foster for 11.89m triple jump. As a 40+ athlete, competing in the open event, she finished the day in 4th place with what should be a National (Masters) record. Mel has jumped around the 11.80m mark all season so this is a great reward!

Congratulations to all competitors.


Kevin Healy M18 hammer 61.26m (won by over 8m)

Cailin Walker W14 triple jump 10.20m

Thomas Sims M17 High Jump 1.96m

Liam Glew M20 triple jump 14.36m

Jamison Towers W15 90m hurdles 13.59s (Club record to be ratified)

Sebastian Weickhardt M17 triple jump 12.95m (PB)

Josh Djatscenko M15 100m 11.57s

Ryan Tarrant M20 100m 10.64s (WJQ in heat with 10.54s)

Imogen Makin W15 shot put 11.62m

Mehdi Mashhoutpor AMB 100m 13.29s

Maria Strong WC 100m 18.73s

Ayo Ore MOP triple jump 16.11m

Arden Stevens M16 triple jump 13.36m (a 25 cm PB)

Archie Noakes M20 steeple 8:57.60 (Club record)

Zoe Edwards W20 triple jump 11.92m


Madigan Carroll W14 1500m 5:01.58

Ella Duncan W15 high jump 1.50m

Andreas Weickhardt M20 110m hurdles 14.89s

Pemi Akin Ojelabi MOP triple jump 15.44m

Maddox Wilson M15 high jump 1.65m

Charlotte Wilson WOP steeple 10:11.03

Josh Djatschenko M15 400m 52.41s


Mackenzie Wood W20 high jump 1.50m

Katie Baynes W18 triple jump 12.14m (PB)

Annabelle Thomas W14 shot put 9.27m

Maddox Wilson M15 shot put 10.25m

Thomas Sims M17 shot put 11.56m

Kevin Healy M18 shot put 14.78m (A new Under 17 club record)

Nicola Steere W16 shot put 10.39m

Tristian Scheirs MOP triple jump 14.75m

Jack Walsh M20 high jump 1.90m

Lily-Bella Hilli W16 400m 57.94s

Emily Portaro W20 triple jump 11.36m

All Results:

100m: Ilana Grandine DNS; 11.90 (-1.0) (P);
1500m: Maddison Caulfield 4:29.63 (5th); Isabelle Gerardi 4:43.18 (8th); Matisse Lazzari 4:48.84 (11th);
3000m Steeple: Charlotte Wilson 10:11.03 (2nd);
Triple Jump: Zara Keca 12.03m (-0.1) (4th); Melissa Foster 11.89m (1.2) (6th); Ruby Pizzo NM
High Jump: Mackenzie Wood 1.50m (3rd); Kaylee Mangion 1.45m (4th);
Triple Jump: Zoe Edwards 11.92m (0.1) (1st); Emily Portaro 11.36m (-1.2) (3rd); Ebony Mangion 10.37m (-0.6) (6th);
100m: Amanda Wrout 12.74 (-1.2) (4th); 12.63 (-0.7) (P); Katherine Baynes 13.17 (-1.2) (6th); 12.94 (-0.7) P
100m Hurdles: Amanda Wrout 15.48 (-1.4) (4th);
Triple Jump: Katherine Baynes 12.14m (3.6) (3rd);
400m: Lara Sacaner 63.41 (P);
1500m: Emily Mifsud 4:56.21 (6th); Charlotte Jackson 5:12.99 (14th);
Triple Jump: Tesia Haggai 11.07m (0.9) (5th);
400m: Lily-Bella Hilli 57.94 (3rd); 62.63 (P);
90m Hurdles: Monique Leslie-Hughes 16.67 (+0.0) (7th);
Shot Put: Nicola Steere 10.39m (3rd);
Triple Jump: Khushnoor Rangi 10.57m (-0.9) (5th);
100m: Jamison Towers DQ (-1.6);
90m Hurdles: Jamison Towers 13.59 (1.4) (1st);
High Jump: Ella Duncan 1.50m (2nd); Chantelle Leslie-Hughes 1.40m (5th); Jamison Towers DNS;
Shot Put: Imogen Makin 11.62m (1st); Chantelle Leslie-Hughes 8.77m (5th);
Triple Jump: Ella Duncan 9.69m (+0.0) (6th);
1500m: Madigan Carroll 5:01.58 (2nd);
80m Hurdles: Cailin Walker 14.70 (-1.4) (5th);
Shot Put: Annabelle Thomas 9.27m (3rd);
Triple Jump: Cailin Walker 10.20m (-1.4) (1st); Heidi Duncan 8.20m (0.8) (9th);
100m: Chris Vi 11.14 (0.3) (S); 11.34 (0.3) (P); Tom Yeung 11.88 (0.3) (P); Daniel Rischitelli 11.53 (0.3) (P);
1500m: Matthew Sostaric 4:04.79 (P);
Triple Jump: Ayo Ore 16.11m (0.1) (1st); Pemi Akin Ojelabi 15.44m (+0.0) (2nd); Tristan Scheirs 14.75m (-0.2) (3rd); Angus Wood 14.24m (-0.5) (4th); Denis Finnegan 13.88m (1.5) (5th); Ebuka Okpala NM;
100m: Ryan Tarrant 10.64 (-1.0) (1st); 10.54 (0.6) (P);
400m: Brodie Hicks 48.57 (5th) PB; 49.13 (S); 50.29 (P); Sky Robertson 56.48 (P); Zachary Hijazi 54.19 (P); Patrick Steward 53.79 (P);
1500m: Archie Noakes 3:54.25 (4th);
3000m Steeple: Archie Noakes 8:57.60 (1st);
110m Hurdles: Andreas Weickhardt 14.89 (-0.9) (2nd);
High Jump: Jack Walsh 1.90m (3rd);
Triple Jump: Liam Glew 14.36m (2.2) (1st);
Hammer: Kevin Healy 61.26m (1st);
Shot Put: Kevin Healy 14.78m (3rd);
100m: Marco Spagnuolo 11.78 (-1.3) (P); Sebastian Weickhardt 12.07 (-1.3) (P);
High Jump: Thomas Sims 1.96m (1st);
Shot Put: Thomas Sims 11.56m (3rd);
Triple Jump: Sebastian Weickhardt 12.95m (-1.1) (1st);
Triple Jump: Arden Stevens 13.36m (-0.9) (1st);
100m: Joshua Djatschenko 11.57 (-0.4) (1st); 11.84 (-0.2) (P);
400m: Joshua Djatschenko 52.41 (2nd); 60.29 (P); Lachlan Hicks 54.76 (4th); 58.49 (P);
1500m: Jonathan Neethling 4:28.80 (10th); 4:32.32 (P);
High Jump: Maddox Wilson 1.65m (2nd);
Shot Put: Maddox Wilson 10.25m (3rd);
Triple Jump: Maddox Wilson 10.90m (-0.6) (4th);
100m: Maria Strong 18.73 (0.8) (1st);
100m: Mehdi Mashhoutpor 13.29 (-0.1) (1st);