Vic Champs: Week 2

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who put their hands up to assist the AV officials over the weekend. The events simply would not have been conducted without your help.

Lisa and Marcus Guglielmino, Adrian Fitzgerald, Danny Hawksworth, Brian Anderson, John Cooper, Susan Harris and Cameron Noakes helped at the pole vault on Saturday while Tara Attard, Lee Panos and Arthur Whitchell worked in the Call Room on Sunday. Arthur turns 91 this month and is still willing to work a double shift!

Six gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze was a good return for weekend 2.

HH Hunter Result should be known soon…watch this space.


Jamison Towers W14 200m 26.81 sec

Jamison Towers W14 long jump 4.91m

Hannah Brodie W18 discus 35.01m

Maria Strong WOP WSEA discus 16.34m

Mackenzie Leith M16 discus 56.22m

Joshua Djatschenko M14 200m 25.37s


Emily Portaro W20 long jump 5.67m

Jack Hale MOP 200m 20.96s

Harrison Williams MOP long jump 7.09m

Archie Noakes M18 3000m 8:38.49

Kevin Healy M17 discus 48.46m

Arden Stevens M15 long jump 5.30m


Nicola Steere W15 discus 27.00m

Sukhnoor Rangi W15 pole vault 2.15m

Orla McCarthy W20 discus 39.60m

Benan Oztorun MOP long jump 7.02m

Arden Stevens M15 200m 25.21s

Jonathan Neethling M14 javelin 22.46m

Full Results

200m: Jamison TOWERS 26.81 (1st) (0.3 );
200m Hurdles: Alexis SAYNER 33.97 (4th) (-0.2);
Long Jump: Jamison TOWERS 4.91m (1st) (0.6);

Discus: Nicola STEERE 27.00m (3rd);
Javelin: Sukhnoor RANGI 26.11m (3rd); Nicola STEERE 16.91m (5th);
Pole Vault: Sukhnoor RANGI 2.15m (3rd)

800m: Emily MIFSUD 2:36.74 (8th);
Long Jump: Tesia HAGGAI 4.87m (7th) (-0.3);

Tesia Haggai (Photo Credit: Jazz Deol- Quads of Fury)

200m: Amanda WROUT 27.26 (6th) (0.3 ); 27.64 (P) (-0.6);
Long Jump: Katherine BAYNES 4.98m (7th) (+0.0);

800m: Audrey SAVAGE 2:28.04 (7th);
Discus: Hannah BRODIE 35.01m (1st);
Javelin: Ellie KEWISH 26.30m (7th);
Long Jump: Zoe EDWARDS 5.09m (5th) (+0.0); Ebony MANGION 4.79m (9th) (0.1); Ellie KEWISH 4.63m (10th) (0.1); Kaylee MANGION 4.52m (11th) (-0.5);

(Photo Credit: Jazz Deol- Quads of Fury)

Discus: Orla MCCARTHY 39.60m (3rd); Victoria ENTWISTLE- HARDEMAN 34.84m (6th);
Long Jump: Emily PORTARO 5.67m (2nd) (0.8 );
200m: Ilana GRANDINE 24.63 (7th) (1.6 ); 24.86 (S) (-0.3); 24.97 (P) (0.4 );
Long Jump: Zara KECA 5.54m (4th) (-1.2); Melissa FOSTER 5.41m (6th) (+0.0); Montana DJATSCHENKO 5.39m (8th) (-0.5);

Discus: Maria STRONG T33 16.34m (1st) PB

200m: Jack HALE 20.96 (2nd) (-0.9); 21.83 (S) (0.8 ); 22.44 (P) (-1.2); Cameron SEARLE 21.67 (5th) (-0.9); 22.02 (S) (-0.7); 22.49 (P) (-1.2); Chris LIM 23.44 (P) (-0.9); Mark HARPER 23.43 (P) (-1.2); Chris Vi 24.08 (P) (-0.9);
800m: Michael MARTELLO 2:03.22 (P); Vishnu SATISH 1:58.48 (P) PB
5000m Walk: Danny HAWKSWORTH 25:51.48 (8th);
Long Jump: Harrison WILLIAMS 7.09m (2nd) (-1.2); Benan OZTORUN 7.02m (3rd) (-0.7); Denis FINNEGAN 5.29m (12th) (+0.0);
Pole Vault: Matthew HOSIE 4.60m (6th);

3000m: Lachlan ATTARD 9:07.24 (9th);
Pole Vault: Jade GUGLIELMINO 4.25m (4th);

(Photo Credit: Jazz Deol- Quads of Fury)

800m: Jannik ERNST 2:15.04 (P); Patrick STEWARD 2:02.42 (P);
3000m: Archie NOAKES 8:38.49 (2nd);

(Photo Credit:

Discus: Kevin HEALY 48.46m (2nd);
200m: Chanachai KANKRATOK 24.00 (6th) (1.4 ); PB, 24.19 (P) (-0.2);
800m: Noah HIJAZI 2:11.75 (P);
Discus: Mackenzie LEITH 56.22m (1st);
Javelin: Mackenzie LEITH 36.38m (6th);
Long Jump: Chanachai KANKRATOK 5.45m (7th) (+0.0);

(Photo Credit:

200m: Arden STEVENS 25.21 (3rd) (2.1 );
Long Jump: Arden STEVENS 5.30m (2nd) (0.8) PB
200m: Joshua DJATSCHENKO 25.37 (1st) (1.0 );
Javelin: Jonathan NEETHLING 22.46m (3rd) PB