Vic Champs: Week 1

Weekend 1 of the Victorian Track & Field championships produced 13 gold, 13 silver and 8 bronze medals as well as 4 club records and numerous PBs.

Thanks to those who helped out at the meet. Our club was asked to complete 18 jobs – we managed to fill 15, mainly due to the efforts of the 40+ group who filled 10 of the 15. Thanks also to Adrian Wood, Mark Sims, Sam Healy, Kristen Towers and Manpreet Rangi for their help over the 3 days.

Club Records:

Kevin Healy M17 & M18 hammer (5Kg) 62.31m

Kevin Healy M17 shot put (5Kg) 14.58. Kevin’s 52nd club record!

Jonathan Neethling M13 1500m 4:29.32 (breaking the old record by over 5 sec)

Jamison Towers W13 80m hurdles 13.67 sec

Gold Medallists:

Maeve Bousie W20 High Jump 1.63m and a PB
Charlotte Wilson WOP 3000m Steeplechase 10.06
Aidan Roberts M20 3000m Steeplechase 9.36.06
Archie Noakes M18 2000m Steeplechase 6.01.74
Cooper Cavallo M18 Triple Jump 13.51m
Kevin Healy M17 Hammer 62.31m CR
Harry Orr M16 High Jump 1.91m PB
Ruby Pizzo W20 Triple Jump 11.87m
Maria Strong WC 100m 19.16
Maria Strong WSEA shot put 6.37m
Ayo Ore MOP Triple jump 15.59m
Arden Stevens M15 Triple jump 11.86m
Joshua Djatschenko M14 100m 12.37 In his first run with the club!

Joshua Djatschenko (Photo Credit: AV Facebook)
(AV Facebook)

Silver Medallists:

Ellie Kewish W18 High Jump 1.60m
Zoe Edwards W18 Triple jump 11.46m
Tierra Exum WOP Triple jump 12.51m
Archie Noakes M18 1500m 4.03.55
Jack Walsh M18 High jump 1.96m PB
Kevin Healy M17 Shot put 14.58m CR
Thomas Sims M16 High Jump 1.85m
Jamison Towers W14 80m hurdles 13.67 sec CR
Ella Duncan W14 High jump 1.50m PB
Emily Portaro W20 Triple jump 11.70m
Jacob Despard MOP 100m 10.61s
Ebuka Okpala MOP Triple jump 15.16m
Liam Glew M20 Triple jump 13.95m

(Photo Credit: SS_Athletics)
(Photo Credit: AV Facebook)

Bronze Medallists:

Mackenzie Wood W18 High jump 1.50m
Ellie Kewish W18 100m hurdles 15.25 sec
Catherine Mendes WOP Triple jump 12.02m
Jamison Towers W14 High jump 1.50m
Tesia Haggai W16 Triple jump 11.58m
Angus Wood MOP Triple Jump 15.11m
Arden Stevens M15 400m 55.16 sec
Jonathan Neethling M14 400m 60.52 sec

Results from AV’s Results Hub

100m: Jamison Towers 13.53 (4th) (1.1 ); 13.46 (P) (0.4 );
400m: Alexis Sayner 67.65 (8th) PB by 5 sec.
80m Hurdles: Jamison Towers 13.67 (2nd) (0.4 );
High Jump: Ella Duncan 1.50m (2nd); Jamison Towers 1.50m (3rd);

90m Hurdles: Lily-Bella Hilli 15.41 (5th) (1.3 );
Triple Jump: Sukhnoor Rangi 9.26m (8th) (-0.4);
1500m: Emily Mifsud 5:14.92 (9th);
Triple Jump: Tesia Haggai 11.58m (3rd) (2.3);
100m: Amanda Wrout 12.90 (6th) (0.9 ); 12.99 (P) (0.8 ); Katherine Baynes 13.19 (P) (-0.5) PB
Shot Put: Nicola Steere 10.41m (5th);
Triple Jump: Katherine Baynes 10.97m (5th) (-1.1);
100m Hurdles: Ellie Kewish 15.25 (3rd) (-2.3);
High Jump: Ellie Kewish 1.60m (2nd); Mackenzie Wood 1.50m (3rd); Kaylee Mangion 1.45m (5th);
Triple Jump: Zoe Edwards 11.40m (2nd) (+0.0);
400m: Eliza Connors 62.07 (P);
High Jump: Maeve Bousie 1.63m (1st);
Triple Jump: Ruby Pizzo 11.87m (1st) (+0.0); Emily Portaro 11.70m (2nd) (+0.0);

(Photo Credit: SS_Athletics)

100m: Maria Strong 19.16 (1st) (0.8 );
100m: Linda Caligiuri 14.31 (P) (0.6 );
400m: Ilana Grandine 56.24 (6th); 56.22 (S); 57.62 (P);
1500m: Isabelle Gerardi 4:59.19 (8th);
3000m Steeple: Charlotte Wilson 10:06.10 (1st);
High Jump: Maeve Bousie 1.57m (4th);
Triple Jump: Tierra Exum 12.51m (2nd) (-0.4); Catherine Mendes 12.02m (3rd) (0.1 ); Zara Keca 11.65m (5th) (-1.8); Melissa Foster 11.58m (6th) (-2.4);

Shot Put: Maria Strong 6.37m (1st);
100m: Jacob Despard 10.61 (2nd) (-0.0); 10.83 (S) (-0.4); 10.76 (P) (-0.9); Tapasu Paea 11.04 (8th) (-0.0); 11.12 (S) (0.3 ); 11.09 (P) (-0.9); Dunsin Akin Ojelabi 11.28 (S) (-0.4); 11.17 (P) (-0.9); Matthew Hosie 11.61 (P) (0.7 ); Brian Mayengo 11.42 (P) (-1.3); Mark Harper 11.48 (P) (0.7 );
400m: Cameron Searle 47.56 (4th); 48.10 (S); 48.61 (P); Marcus Guglielmino 48.30 (6th); 48.12 (S); 49.25 (P); Vishnu Satish 51.29 (S); 50.18 (P); Chris Lim 51.55 (P);
1500m: Michael Martello 4:18.86 (P);
Triple Jump: Ayo Ore 15.59m (1st) (+0.0); Ebuka Okpala 15.16m (2nd) (+0.0); Angus Wood 15.11m (3rd) (+0.0); Pemi Akin Ojelabi 14.34m (5th) (+0.0)

(Photo Credit: SS_Athletics)
(Photo Credit: AV Facebook)

400m: Zachary Hijazi 54.15 (P);
1500m: Lachlan Attard 4:12.32 (P);
3000m Steeple: Aidan Roberts 9:36.06 (1st);
Triple Jump: Liam Glew 13.95m (2nd) (-0.6); Thomas Murphy 13.62m (5th) (0.9);
400m: Patrick Steward 53.04 (7th); PB 53.25 (P);
1500m: Archie Noakes 4:03.55 (2nd);
2000m Steeple: Archie Noakes 6:01.74 (1st);
High Jump: Jack Walsh 1.96m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Cooper Cavallo 13.51m (1st) (0.4);
1500m: Ty Davis 4:25.12 (P);
Hammer: Kevin Healy 62.31m (1st);
Shot Put: Kevin Healy 14.58m (2nd);
100m: Chanachai Kankratok 11.83 (6th) (0.1 ); 11.89 (P) (-0.3);
400m: Noah Hijazi 54.38 (4th) PB
100m Hurdles: Thomas Sims 15.20 (4th) (1.2 );
High Jump: Harry Orr 1.91m (1st); Thomas Sims 1.85m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Sebastian Weickhardt 10.91m (6th) (0.4);

(Photo Credit: SS_Athletics)

100m: Arden Stevens 12.42 (4th) (-1.3);
400m: Arden Stevens 55.16 (3rd);
Triple Jump: Arden Stevens 11.86m (1st) (+0.0);
400m: Jonathan Neethling 60.52 (3rd); 60.26 PB
1500m: Jonathan Neethling 4:29.32 (4th); CR

100m: Joshua Djatschenko 12.37 (1st) (1.4 )

(Photo Credit: