Upcoming coaching and up-skilling opportunities with Athletics Victoria.

IMG_1532If there are any coaches who would like to up-skill, or parents who would like to take the first step in becoming a coach, there are some great opportunities from Athletics Victoria for upcoming courses available for registration on the Athletics Victoria website.

20/6/18 Level 1 Run Leader

24/6/18 Level 1 Run Leader

24/6/18 Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach

24/6/18 Level 2 Advanced Part B – Throws

1/7/18 Level 1 Community Athletics Coaching Course

21/7/18 Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach

If you would like any further information regarding the courses or if you would like to have a chat and discuss how Athletics Victoria can assist you with all things coaching please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Verstraten, Athletics Victoria Coaching Leader, on 03 86464544, or go to