Track and Gym Use

Athletics Essendon has developed a number of guidelines around track and gymnasium use to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all members and other user groups.

The club encourages all members to ensure they are familiar with these guidelines.

Track Protocols

1. The track is owned by Moonee Valley City Council and is regularly booked by schools and other groups. At these times, Essendon members are asked to respect the hirers’ rights and not use the track or clubrooms. Exclusive use bookings can be found on the noticeboard near the main entrance of the track, in the Athletics Essendon monthly newsletter, and on the MVCC website.
2. Lanes one and two should be used sparingly. Warm up on the inside grassed area or the outside lanes. The barrier gates are there to prevent excessive wear and tear to the track.
3. Always look both ways before crossing the track.
4. Do not stand and talk on the track.
5. Do not wear headphones while using the track.
6. Spikes are not to be worn in the clubrooms.
7. Only wear approved spikes on the track (no longer than 7mm for running or 9mm for jumps).
8. For safety, use the middle lanes for hurdles, keeping lanes three and four for circular work.
9. Be aware of throwers when crossing the centre grassed area.
10. All valuables are left trackside at your own risk.
11. Ensure young children are accompanied by a parent of guardian at all times.

Gym Protocols

1. Respect the equipment by replacing all weights and mats etc after use.
2. Do not drop weights.
3. Do not do exercises you are not familiar with.
4. Warm up properly.
5. The gym is for Athletics Essendon members only. As such, please carry your AV membership while at the track or in the gym.
6. No stretching or general exercises should be performed in the gym while others are using weights.
7. Athletes under 16 must be accompanied by a coach.
8. No inappropriate language.
9. Lock the gym if you are the last club member to leave the gym