Presentation Night – John Higham Award

This was the inaugural presentation of the award in memory of our past President John Higham. John was an incredible athlete, being selected for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. He still holds the club’s 800m record and was Australian Champion over both 400m and 800m.

Our club had 27 members compete over 400m and 800m in season 2019 /20.

The award was determined using AV’s Score Buddy system to allow us to compare all athletes, males, females, young and old.

The winner, Josh Tracy ran 2:01 and 57.09. He is the under 14 club 800m record holder.

Other notable performances during the season were Aidan Roberts (1:57.5 and 55.24), Lachlan Attard (2:00.1 and 56.04), Michael Martello (2:00.5 and 53.79), Charlotte Jackson (2:30.9 and 68.09), Jannik Ernst (2:05.7 and 57.6), Patrick Stewart (2:08 and 54.26).

Special mention to a couple of our senior athletes. Arron Downes (2:08.8 and 56.82) and Stella McNamara (2:20.9 and 59.9)