Presentation Night

Amelia, Chris, Cameron & John Andrew, Zara and Mitch Record breakers Vic and Aust medallists

Well over 100 attended a successful evening.

Top awards for outstanding achievements in 2016-17 went to Linden Hall for Athlete of the Year, Amelia Mazza-Downie for Junior Athlete of the Year and John Cooper was the Arthur Whitchell Award winner for his work for the club. Also, an excellent achievement by Mitchel Brown as compare.

Photos: Amelia, Chris, Cameron & John (all champions); Zara Keca between two thorns (Andy & Mitch); Record breakers; Vic & Aust medallists.

We are very worried about the future of the 50km walk at the Olympics. This is the event of our 3 time Olympian superstar, Chris Erickson. Please look at the petition and consider signing. The IOC may be voting on this issue very soon.

We uncovered more Australian Champion medallists giving our club 4 individual gold and 4 relay gold. 17 medal;s in all. Those not mentioned in our earlier website entry are:

3rd      U20 200m            Jara Konteh                             21.76

1st      U20 4 x 400 relay Jara Konteh                             Vic team

1st      U18 4 x 100 relay Chris Mcfarland-Ravanello   Vic team

1st      U18 4 x 100 relay Saye Morris                              Vic team