Presentation Day

A great day for our club started with an hour of lawn bowls at Buckley Park bowls club.

We welcomed our guests, Glenn Turnor the AV CEO, our three ward councillors from MVCC, our sponsors from Melbourne Sports Physio & Podiatry and friends and family.

The first award was a new one to recognise the work done by the Club Helpers. This award was named after the late Elaine McLeod. Elaine was Athletics Essendon’s first president, a state and national sprint champ, a coach and administrator and an official. The award went to Doreen Giannini who works in all weather at AVSL, championships, HVC meets and always with a smile. Doreen and Elaine worked together for many years. Thanks to all members and friends who helped out during the season.

Glenn Turner then presented club president, Andrew Boudrie with the H H Hunter shield for the best performed club at State championships. This award has been won by our club on 16 occasions.

Andrew spoke, thanking the Moonee Valley council for the renovations to our club house; he was followed by the Mayor, Mr Cam Nation who announced that council had allowed over $600,000 to replace the lights at the track. We will soon have a first class facility, ready for night meets!

Nina Lawson and Mikaela Selaidinakos then announced the AVSL awards. A big thanks to our summer Team Managers, Sam Healy, Adrian Wrout, Danny Hawksworth, Joanna Margiolis and Brian Anderson.

Given to athletes who score the most points in the regular AVSL season (Play Off and Round 9 not included) Each athlete needed to compete / enter 3 times during the season.


  1. W14 Chantelle Leslie- Hughes 8509 points
  2. W16 Amanda Wrout 5761 points
  3. W18 Ellie Kewish 5575 points
  4. W20 Eliza Connors 1089 points
  5. WOP Joanna Margiolis 3883 points
  1. M14 Arden Stevens 5301 points
  2. M16 Kevin Healy 7432 points
  3. M18 Jack Walsh 7276 points
  4. M20 Angus Wood 2334 points
  5. MOP Chris Vi 3026 points


Awarded to the athlete with the highest individual points score during the regular AVSL season and who qualified for Play Off

  1. W14 Jamison Towers 547 points in Round 5 with a 1.60m high jump
  2. W16 Tesia Haggai 506 points In round 6 with a 11.14m triple jump
  3. W18 Emily Portaro  508 points in Round 5 with a 5.72m long jump
  4. W20 Montana Djatschenko 468 points in Round 6 with a 5.66m long jump
  5. WOP Ilana Grandine 495 points in Round 4 with a 12.00 s 100m
  1. M14 Arden Stevens 513 points in Round 6 with a 12.35m triple jump (A Club Record)
  2. M16 Kevin Healy 559 points in Round 8 with a 61.09m hammer throw.
  3. M18 Archie Noakes 530 points in Round 5 with a 6:09.7 2000m steeplechase. (A club record at the time. Archie also ran a 6:02.7 for 541 points in the Play Off)
  4. M20 Angus Wood 514 points in Round 8 with a 14.90m triple jump.
  5. MOP Matthew Hosie 466 points in Round 5 with a 4.45m pole-vault

Finally the 40+ winners

Most Valuable awards went to Melissa Foster (6662 points) and Richard Brophy (8731 points)

Most Outstanding awards went to Linda Caligiuri (536 points in Round 4 – state 100m record) and Mark Harper (526 points in round 6 with a 23.38s 200m)

Janine Higham then presented the John Higham award, honouring our late president and champion athlete. This award for the best performances over both 400m and 800m for the season. The recipient was Vishnu Satish.

Brian Anderson then introduced our club legend Arthur Whitchell by asking the question “When did our club start?” 1897 was the correct answer. Brian explained how our club is only as good as the people, like Arthur, who have kept working, voluntarily, for many years. Ninety one years young Arthur then announced that the club wished to recognise the work done by Sam Healy, over a number of years.

Ian Williams handed out an amazing number of club (and some state) records.

Finally we came to the awards that were probably the hardest for the committee to decide upon. The Junior Athlete of the Year was especially difficult with Aidan Roberts, Kevin Healy and Archie Noakes being difficult to split, along with many of our younger athletes who also had great seasons. Archie was announced the winner.

The Senior Athlete of the Year was a little easier but we acknowledged the great seasons had by Jack Hale and Liam Adams. However, with an Australian 1500m record (first female under 4 minutes), an Australian 1000m record and a club 800m record (sub 2 min) and the National 1500m title in Sydney guaranteeing her Olympic selection, Linden Hall was declared the winner. It was great to hear say that the club had looked after her to the point were she had knocked back numerous offers to join other clubs.

Membership Medals were handed to those present. Those not at the event can contact the club to collect their medal.

Adrain  Fitzgerald 5 yrs, Lousie Mendes 5 yrs, Catherine Mendes 5 yrs, Jennifer Mendes 5 yrs, Audrey  Savage  5 yrs, Ty Davis  5 yrs, Matthew Sostraic  5 yrs, Joanna Margiolis 10 yrs, Damien Bruneau 15yrs, Alwyn Jones 15 yrs and Andrew Boudrie 20 yrs.

All photos thanks to the Amazing Ryk Neethling!