On XCR’23: Round 3 St Anne’s Bendigo

Round 3 of On XCR’23 saw our athletes travel to the fan favourite St Anne’s Winery in Bendigo.
This round saw some fantastic results for our juniors with many of them featuring in the top 10 of their respective age groups

Congratulations to Noah Tarallo (6th), Jesse Lumby (8th), Aiden Davis (9th) on finishing in the top 10 of the U16 boys 3km race. Congratulations to Lara Sacaner (3rd), Charlotte Jackson (5th) and Emily Mifsud (9th) on all finishing in the top 10 of the U18 Women’s 3km race.

Congratulations to Rhiddhi Mehta and Leonard Gray on finishing 4th and 9th in their respective U14 4km races. Congratulations to Ty Davis (7th) and Jannik Ernst (10th) on their excellent results in the U20 4km.

Congratulations to Archie Noakes (7th) and Charles Barrett (33rd) on both finishing in the top 50 of the 392 athletes that competed in the Open Men’s 8km race. Well done to Brian Anderson on finishing 4th in the Men’s 60+ 4km race.

Thanks to Brian Anderson and John Cooper for assisting with duties on the day. Thanks to Anne Bukovsan from Ivanhoe Harriers for providing photos of the event.

Female 20

4km: Ruby Ellis 19:38;
Female 18
3km: Lara Sacaner 11:27; Charlotte Jackson 11:35; Emily Mifsud 12:00;
Female 16
3km: Saana Jayasinghe 12:26; Harriet Gray 13:17; Rosa Barbanti 13:21;
Female 14
4km: Riddhi Mehta 17:58;
Male Open
8km: Archie Noakes 24:53; Charles Barrett 26:38; Damien Bruneau 29:06; Charlie Blanch 29:37; James Fitzgerald 32:28; Jeffrey Jones 34:06; Philip Barrett 34:10; Troy Jardine 35:19; Luke Gray 36:00; Stephen Murphy 1:05:24;
Male 20
4km: Ty Davis 13:52; Jannik Ernst 15:02;
Male 18
4km: Oliver Anthony 15:40;
Male 16
3km: Noah Tarallo 10:18; Jesse Lumby 10:31; Aiden Davis 10:37; Charlie Morton 11:24; Jude Barrett 12:08;
Male 14
4km: Leonard Gray 16:28;
Male 60
4km: Brian Anderson 21:17;