Melb Marathon 2019

Full results from last Sunday’s Melb Marathon & Half

Overall PlaceAthlete TimeGender
22Damien Bruneau2:28:3722M40-443
57Bouchaib Chefnaoui2:38:1554M40-447
104Charlotte Wilson2:44:155F25-292
105Liam Adams2:44:15100M30-3431
1488Madeleine Sims (debut)3:35:05146F25-2935
1815Chris Erickson (pacing)3:41:211613M35-39301
4059Danielle Stasinowsky4:16:15765F35-39143


Overall PlaceAthleteTimeGender
11Makda Haji Harun1:11:121F30-341
22Solomon Haile Melekote 1:14:0919M30-346
1319Daniel White1:43:011102M35-39178
2092Janet Daniels1:48:22401F40-4443

Noel White (pacing) 2:09:00

6792Amelia Murphy (debut)2:14:452521F25-29541
7111Justin McLaren2:16:564395M20-24481
7373Don McLaren2:18:424498M50-54298

40km Drink Station Volunteer Team.

The 20 strong team had a great day volunteering at the 40km drink station for yet another year. An Australian all time marathon record number of finishing runners, made the drink team very focussed, with so many runners coming passed. Most were drowned in Gatorade by the end of the day, which started before sunrise.

The highlight every year is acknowledging the Aths Ess runners by giving them a special extra cheer. We missed our drink station regular Arthur Whitchell, after 25 years give or take.

Many thanks to Judy Tweddle for again captaining our team and keeping us on track. The club acknowledges the legacy of Lou Citroen who was the instigator of Athletics Essendon having a drink station at the MMF. Thanks to Steve Murphy for taking over the reins this year and organising the team. No easy task.

Massive thanks go to Team Knox who made up four members of our team. Thanks to all of drink team volunteers and all of the Red Black Running team members.They all missed out on their Sunday morning sleep-in or their long runs.
The annual drink station generates a valuable payment from IMG who own the MMF to our club.100% of the payment from IMG goes directly into club general revenue and is always a handy boost to club finances.Please consider joining our drink station team in 2020 and assist your club in collecting income.

  1. Adrian Fitzgerald
  2. Brian Anderson
  3. Chelle Coates (R&B)
  4. Christian Knox (Team Knox)
  5. Danny Hawksworth
  6. Duncan Knox (Team Knox)
  7. Gabriel Augustat (Team Knox)
  8. Ian Newey
  9. Joanne McDowall (R&B)
  10. Johanna Knox (Team Knox)
  11. Judy Tweddle (Team Captain)
  12. Linda Rosa Fitzgerald
  13. Lisa Christie Gunn
  14. Liselle Atkin
  15. Mel Hardiman
  16. Robyn Coyne
  17. Sarah Keating (R&B)
  18. Susan Smidt (R&B)
  19. Stephen Murphy
  20. Yuriria Almaraz (R&B)