Master’s State Championships

A big weekend at Doncaster was a good way to finish off the summer of track & field.

Our Essendon Masters (over 35 years) starred with 20 Gold, 11 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Add in a couple of state records, a few PBs and a season’s best.

Mel Foster picked up 4 golds and an injury. Mark Harper ran a state M45 60m record of 7.36sec. Mark also broke M45 Victorian 200m record, which had stood since 1988. He also won the M45 100m holding off team mates Brett Maurer and Kristian Lakusa (100m PB)

Anna Kasapis won the W40 800 / 1500 double in very fast times while Kim Walsh had a big weekend with a PB in the long jump as well as 2 gold and 2 silver.

Linda Caligiuri also dominated the sprints winning the 60m, 100m and 200m races. She also picked up gold in the triple.

Richard Brophy continued his great form, winning the 60m and high jump with a Season’s Best 1.61m which was a M55 State record. He also collected silver in the triple jump with a season’s best leap, a bronze in the discus and 4th place in the shot!

Brian Anderson, running in the Master’s singlet won his 2000m steeplechase event, leading form the gun, in an excellent time of 8:57. He also picked up silver in the 3000m walk.

David Jones medalled in his 3 events, grabbing gold in the 1500m in a close finish.

Our youngest Master was Ben Rowse who won his 1500m and grabbed bronze in the 5000m, despite a mix up with his lap counting.

60m: Melissa Foster 08.48 (1st) (+0.0);
100m: Melissa Foster 13.18 (1st) (0.5 );
800m: Anna Kasapis 2:16.53 (1st);
1500m: Anna Kasapis 4:40.69 (1st);
Long Jump: Melissa Foster 4.82m (1st) (0.1);
Triple Jump: Melissa Foster 11.67m (1st) (+0.0);
Javelin: Kim Walsh 23.56m (2nd);
Long Jump: Kim Walsh 3.70m (1st) (+0.0);
Shot Put: Kim Walsh 8.31m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Kim Walsh 8.17m (1st) (+0.0);
60m: Linda Caligiuri 09.13 (1st) (+0.0);
100m: Linda Caligiuri 14.21 (1st) (0.8 );
200m: Linda Caligiuri 30.22 (1st) (0.9 );
Triple Jump: Linda Caligiuri 7.50m (1st) (+0.0);
1500m: Ben Rowse 4:27.84 (1st);
5000m: Ben Rowse 16:52.04 (3rd);
60m: Mark Harper 07.31 (1st) (+0.0); State Record; Brett Maurer 07.55 (2nd) (+0.0);
100m: Mark Harper 11.43 (1st) (1.2 ); Brett Maurer 11.65 (2nd) (1.2 ); Kristian Lakusa 12.86 (4th) (1.2 );
200m: Mark Harper 23.37 (1st) (0.9 ); Brett Maurer 23.94 (2nd) (0.9 ); Kristian Lakusa 28.11 (5th) (0.9 );
400m: Brett Maurer 52.57 (2nd);
Shot Put: Kristian Lakusa 9.64m (2nd);
60m: Richard Brophy 08.76 (1st) (+0.0);
Discus: Richard Brophy 27.31m (3rd);
High Jump: Richard Brophy 1.61m (1st); State Record
Shot Put: Richard Brophy 8.24m (4th);
Triple Jump: Richard Brophy 10.32m (2nd) (+0.0);
400m: Stephen Murphy 1:35.38 (5th);
800m: Stephen Murphy 3:37.78 (5th);
2000m Steeple: Brian Anderson 8:57.60 (1st);
1500m Walk: Stephen Murphy 9:46.92 (5th);
3000m Walk: Brian Anderson 18:20.15 (2nd); Stephen Murphy 20:22.10 (4th);
Discus: Stephen Murphy 15.07m (4th);
Javelin: Stephen Murphy 11.65m (4th);
400m: David Jones 87.41 (2nd);
1500m: David Jones 6:48.11 (1st);
5000m: David Jones 26:20.51 (3rd);

Richard Brophy Discus