HVC #4

Another club record, a PB and a hamstring injury were the highlights of the HVC meet at Box Hill (where else?) last Thursday.

In the last two months there have been 13 new club records created. The latest to go was the Under 14 200m hurdles, held since 2016 by Ruby Pizzo. Lily-Bella Hilli clocked 31.31 to take the record.

Katie Baynes ran a 100m PB. Great reward for her hard work.

Marcus Guglielmino also showed top form with a PB in the 200m, running 21.73s. Good effort into the wind.

Joel Cuzzi tore his hamstring in the 100m. Joel was just hitting top form; he’ll be back in a few weeks, ready to run in the Play Off.



Amanda Wrout 13.17 (-0.7)

Katie Baynes 13.24 (+0.0)

Linda Caligiuri 14.45 (0.1 )


Ilana Grandine 24.55 (-1.8)

Amanda Wrout 27.19 (-1.2)

200m Hurdles:

Lily-Bella Hilli 31.31 (1.5 )

Triple Jump:

Tierra Exum 12.05m (-2.3)

Zara Keca 12.03m (+0.0)

Ruby Pizzo 11.30m (-0.2)



Jacob Despard 10.63 (0.9 )

Brian Mayengo 11.57 (-0.7)

Chris Vi 11.63 (-0.7)

Joel Cuzzi 14.91 (-0.7)


Jacob Despard 21.53 (-0.5)

Marcus Guglielmino 21.73 (-1.7)

Chris Vi 23.36 (-0.7)

Triple Jump:

Angus Wood 14.54m (0.4)