Bill Burke Classic result


Held at Aberfeldie on a beautiful Saturday morning, 11th April. Proving he is not just a 400m runner, Andrew Boudrie was victorious.

Danny Hawksworth’s full report- Thanks Danny, for the organizing.

Saturday 11th of April saw the 9th running of the Bill Burke Classic.  After last year’s record field, it was surprising that even more runners made it out this year to contest the event.  With a few of Pam Ryan’s 400m hurdlers running the event, we ended up with a record field yet again.

Matthew Goodger was our frontmarker with Nicholas Smith the backmarker for the second year in a row, all other competitors somewhere in a 8 and a half minute range.

Matt was the first to start off, with Mel, Steve and Natalie all starting within the next minute.  Our youngest competitor Christian Knox was next to start, then a pack of four including Andrew Boudrie, Stella McNamara, Gemma Whitty and Caitlin Hawks.

A multiple national championship finalist in the 400m, Andrew Boudrie impressed with his display over the 4km distance, to take victory in very comfortable fashion.  An excellent run by 16-year-old Mason Scott, who started with only four runners behind him saw him collect second place, with the experienced Matthew Goodger holding on for third place.  Behind Matthew, 7 athletes swamped the finish line finishing in a 10 second burst, making it tough for our timekeepers.

We also thank Josh White, Bec and Mark Carey for their participation.  All three entered on the day and started alongside other runners.


Name                           Start                Finish              Actual time

Matthew Goodger      0:19                 20:45 (3rd)        20:26

Mel Hardiman             1:02                 20:57               19:55

Steve Murphy             1:06                 20:48               19:42

Natalie Morgan           1:18                 20:50               19:32

Christian Knox            1:53                 22:19               20:26

Andrew Boudrie         2:53                 19:18 (1st)        16:25

Stella McNamara        2:53                 22:07               19:14

Caitlin Hawks             2:53                 22:07               19:14

Gemma Whitty           2:53                 22:07               19:14

David Jones                3:38                 21:19               17:41

John Cooper                4:24                 21:42               17:18

Darran Hill                  4:24                 22:00               17:36

Rebecca Giacomin      4:50                 24:24               19:34

Brian Anderson           5:23                 20:57               15:34

Damien Bruneau         6:36                 21:14               14:38

Katie Webb                 6:36                 22:02               15:26

Noel White                  7:06                 21:18               14:12

Tom Kelly                   7:06                 20:54               13:48

Mason Scott                7:21                 20:41 (2nd)       13:20

Danny Hawksworth    7:22                 21:23               14:01

Jeff Jones                    7:24                 20:53               13:39

Adrian Phelan             8:24                 21:26               13:02

Nicholas Smith            8:28                 20:51               12:23

We thank Duncan Knox and Janine Higham for timekeeping.  They were certainly tested at the finish as the athletes crossed the finish line thick and fast.  Michael and Renus Burke also attended, photographs of the occasion are to follow.

It was a useful hitout for all concerned just a week out from the Cross Country season.  Next Saturday the season starts with Cross Country relays at Jells Park.