Photo of Bill Burke

Bill Burke Classic


Saturday the April 13 saw the 13th running of the Bill Burke Classic.  It was a nice 14.6 degrees when the first runner started off at 9.30am.  Last year’s record of 29 starters was surpassed with 37 starters in this year’s event.

Renus Burke and Michael Burke attended on behalf of the Burke family and saw the event get underway.  Miranda Lutz was our frontmarker with Carolyn Heaney and Glenda Morris being the next runners to start.  At the back end of the field, Damien Bruneau had only Bashir Abdinoor and Bouchaib Chefnaoui starting behind him.

Miranda Lutz held the lead until she was passed early in the second lap by Harris Bruneau.  Harris in turn was in a family battle trying to hold off older brother Josh and father Damien.  The race appeared to belong to Harris as the finish line approached, but he didn’t have quite enough of a lead as youngster Robbie Hackett was coming up behind him.  Catching Harris in the home straight, Robbie took out the victory by one second, not quite as close as last year’s finish. 

The two young guns had a substantial gap to the next runners, with veteran Steve Murphy taking out third place.  Glenda Morris improved a minute on her last year’s performance to take fourth, with Nick Smith having a welcome return to form after enduring some injury plagued years to finish 5th.  Nick ran the fastest time overall with 12.37

A big thanks to Danny Hawksworth for again organising a wonderful annual event to keep Bill’s memory alive.

Full results are as follows:


Name                          Start                Finish              Actual time            Placing

Miranda Lutz              0:22                 27:23               27:01               28th

Glenda Morris             2:20                 25:17               22:57               4th

Harris Bruneau           2:22                 24:06               21:44               2nd

Mel Hardiman            3:12                 26:56               23:44               23rd

Wyatt Bell                  3:46                 27:34               23:48               29th

Don McLaren              4:13                 27:36               23:23               30th

Anita Lutz                   4:22                 28:56               24:34               34th

Josh Bruneau              4:22                 28:09               23:47               31st

Joanne McDowall       4:23                 25:22               20:59               6th

Sue Hastings               4:49                 27:05               22:16               =25th

Robbie Hackett           4:52                 24:05               19:13               1st

Darren Bell                 5:13                 27:05               21:52               =25th

Linda Rosa                  5:32                 27:22               21:50               27th

Joanna Margiolis        5:55                 26:28               20:33               19th

David Jones                5:55                 25:41               19:46               9th

Stephen Murphy         6:06                 25:10               19:04               3rd

Lachlan Skilbeck        6:16                 25:57               19:41               12th

Angela Stafford          6:45                 26:16               19:31               16th

Ben Beattie                 6:52                 28:21               21:29               32nd

Kishor Shrestha          8:01                 25:36               17:35               8th

Charlotte Jackson       9:12                 26:05               16:53               15th

Justin McLaren           9:43                 26:46               17:03               22nd

John Cooper                9:57                 26:59               17:02               24th

Sunny Dor                   9:57                 30:34               20:37               35th

Adam Hackett             10:03               25:57               15:54               13th

Aaron Heaney             10:04               26:44               16:40               21st

Jack Tat                      10:30               28:40               18:10               33nd

Mark Carey                 10:34               25:49               15:15               11th

Leo Zabarauskus         10:58               25:42               14:44               10th    

Danny Hawksworth    11:27               25:30               14:03               7th

Jeff Jones                    12:08               26:02               13:54               14th

Nick Smith                  12:44               25:21               12:37               5th

Damien Bruneau         13:04               26:20               13:16               17th

Bashir Abdinoor         13:05               26:29               13:24               20th

Bouchaib Chefnaoui   13:25               26:21               12:56               18th

Christian Knox            2km in 7:30

Carolyn Heaney          3.6km in 20:54                       

Thanks to our officials and timers Sarah Keating, Duncan Knox, Sarah Blackwell and Frances Lipscombe who managed to keep track of all the times and placings.  Not an easy task when 23 athletes finish in a 2-minute window.

After the event the attendees enjoyed a BBQ organised by Mark Carey.  The bacon and eggs hit the spot after the exertion of the 4km event.  Bill Burke would have been very proud to see so many athletes enjoying a run on a Saturday morning.