AVSL 2021/22 Round 8

Another solid win (almost 43000 points) in round 8. Second Eaglehawk (34000), 3rd Diamond Valley (31400) and Doncaster, using their Power Play coming in 4th place with 29000 points.

That’s the clubs 3rd top finish in succession and our 6th for the season; but all that will count for nothing if all our champs don’t qualify for the Play Off and aim to do at least two events. Our MOP, W14 and M40+ teams finished on top of the state, while our M16 team finished second. The WOP girls finished in 3rd place.

Thank you to all who helped out on the day; in stifling conditions no job was easy. Arthur at almost 92 years of age was still out there setting up hurdles, taking in equipment, pulling down marquees etc…Cam Noakes put in three sessions at the triple jump, Brian Anderson and David Jones made sure the steeplechase happened and Steve Gaffney (aka Gaff) did the time keeping for the circular events. Let’s not forget our officials; Doreen, Maz and Peter along with Neil & Deb Lawson were out in the heat all day. Have you helped this year?

We had competitors at Aberfeldie, Duncan McKinnon and Geelong and it was great to see club President Andy Boudrie finally get out on the track, almost injury free. He managed a 4 step pole vault of 3.40m, a triple of 10.57m and a 200m for a total of 797 points! He’ll be handy in the Play Off.

Talking of pole vault, it was great to see Matt Hosie (4.60m) and Jade Guglielmino (4.30m) soar over the bar! Worth the entry price!

Round 9 entries open at 2pm Jan 26 (Australia Day) and our Club Helpers App is open. We are hosting round 9 at Aberfeldie and would appreciate everyone lending a hand at some stage during the day.


Another week, another club record to Jamison Towers; this time it was the 80m Hurdles. Jamison’s time of 12.59s eclipsed the 2008 record by 0.36 sec.


Katie Bayne achieved three PBs in the triple! She jumped 11.08, 11.09 then a massive final effort of 12. 09m

Montana Beruldsen grabbed two PBs. A 200m of 27.56s and a 400m hurdles of 66.07s.

Mel Foster’s triple jump of 11.84m, was not only a PB but a National Master’s W40 record! Well done Mel! That’s an amazing performance. Mel had jumped 11.86m back in round 6 but couldn’t claim the record due to a 5.8 wind assistance.

Chris Mitrevski 100m 10.27s (his second PB for the season)

Imogen Makin had a big day. First to Geelong for the shot put, then a mad dash up the highway to Aberfeldie (via KFC, so the story goes). She and her chauffeur (Dad, Matt), made it to the discus with just 12 minutes to spare, but Imogen still managed a National Qualifier with a 34.73m discus effort. Imogen backed up on Sunday at the AVT meet with a discus throw of 32.96m and a shot of 11.30m! Great weekend Imogen!

Jannik Ernst 200m 25.28s, Zach Hiaji 200m 23.62s, Adam Gec 200m 24.60, Peter Marinkovic 200m 23.92s and Brian Mayengo 100m 11.04s. Brian is now ready to run a 200 and qualify for the Play Off!!

The Weickhardt boys had a great round with PBs to both. Andreas Weickhardt with a 14.82s 110m hurdles and 11.35s 100m and Sebastian Weickhardt with a 14.82s 200m


Jamison Towers1482 points was #1 in the whole state again, with Mackenzie Leith 1401 points 7th and Chantelle Leslie- Hughes 1205 points rounding out our top 3 performers.

1000+ point efforts:

Others to help fly the flag were Sukhnoor Rangi 1196 pts, Richard Brophy 1186 points, Kevin Healy 1174 points, Cailin Walker 1145 points, Ella Leith 1131 points, Khushnoor Rangi 1066 points & Imogen Makin 1011 points.

Sukhnoor also competed at the AVT meet on Sunday and threw the javelin 35.34m

Special mention to Andreas Weickhardt 999 points!

500+ point performances:


Chris Mitrevski 10.27s 541 pts, Jamison Towers 12.85s 501 pts


Brett Maurer 23.66s 515 pts, Josh Djatschenko 23.80s 511 pts. (Special mention Mark Harper 24.09s 498 pts)

110m hurdles

Andreas Weickhardt 14.82s 523 pts

Triple Jump

Ayo Ore 15.79m 526 pts, Jamison towers 10.68m 514 pts, Tesia Haggai 11.09m 503 pts

Shot put

Imogen Makin 11.04m 501 pts


Kevin Healy 48.42m 517 pts, Mackenzie Leith 42.10m 516 pts, Imogen Makin 34.73m 510 pts

Zatopek 10 Track Challenge:

For those not going to Canberra or Vic Country, the club is hosting the Zatopek 10 k track challenge on Saturday Jan 29. First of 5 heats is scheduled to start at 4 pm. Free entry for spectators. We could always use some help if you’d like to be involved.