AVSL Round 7

This was AV’s experimental Nitro round. An early start on a cool Friday night at Doncaster was never going to get big numbers. Glenhuntly played their Power Play and really went for it, scoring a run away win to take the maximum points. Premier Division now sees Essendon sitting on top with 62 points, ahead of DV (61) and Glenhuntly (56). Of the top six clubs, we are the only one with our Power Play still “in the locker” ready to come out when we host Round 8.

Some great multi efforts from a number of our regulars. Christian Knox – 600m in 1:44, mile in 5:50, shot 5.39m and long jump 4.72m, veteran Brian Anderson 600m, shot, javelin (with 30 bonus points) and long jump. Another veteran, Duncan Knox showed his value to the team with his 7.38m shot put and 25.17m javelin bringing in a total of 826 points! Joanna Margiolis shot & javelin. Tom Sims also competed in four events – shot, long jump, high jump and javelin for an unbelievable 1706 points! What a star!

Ellie Kewish was another star, competing in 4 events – 60m (8.63s 449 points), javelin (23.43m 419 points), long jump (4.38m, 397 points) and high jump (1.45m 400 points)…well done Ellie.

Kim Walsh showed where son Jack gets his talent with a 7.51m shot, a 22.99m javelin and 3.56m long jump to score over 1000 points! Linda Caligiuri was the big point scorer with an incredible 580 for her 8.74sec 60m run. Amanda Wrout wasn’t far behind, scoring 487 points for her 60m with Nina Lawson running the fastest 60m with 8.28 sec.

Anna Kasapis ran at Geelong, competing in both the 600m (1:37.86) and the mile (5:14). She top scored in the mile with 506 points to add to her 525 points in the 600.

Tapasu Paea won his 60m heat in 6.96sec for 535 points while Brian Mayengo wasn’t far behind with his 7.41 sec. Dash Newton also won his 60m heat with a sharp 7.40 sec.

Lachie Attard showed his versatility with a 4:45 mile and a 4.41m long jump. Cath Mendes flew 5.66m in her long jump to collect 468 points, while Maeve Bousis long jumped 4.17m then followed up with a 1.60m high jump for 764 points.

Matty Goodger ran his best race of the season with a solid 600m.

Well done to everyone who got out to Doncaster; let’s see as many as possible at Aberfeldie next weekend.