AVSL 2022/23: Round 10 Wrap

This weekend saw the AVSL home & away rounds conclude at the infamous Keilor Park. Despite the constant stream of planes interrupting the flow of the track events it was the perfect way to end the main draw of the season.

Congratulations to our newest club member, Emeric Amice on competing at his first track & field meet in Australia and becoming our first senior male club member in a number of years to tackle the 110m hurdles at 106mm.

Congratulations to the Kris Lakusa on being listed as one of the Most Valuable Athletes in Zone A for round 10.

Congratulations to the following on recording PB and SB: 400m: Christian Reinhardt (Open) 50.95 PB, Maggie Armstrong (40+) 82.25 PB; 1500m walk: Danny Hawksworth (40+) 7:22.5 SB; 1500m: Xavier Walsh (U14) 4:44.3 PB, Charlotte Jackson (U18) 4:52.0 PB, Vanessa D’Andrea 5:06.5 SB, Harriet Gray (U16) 5:36.2 PB, Harry Osman (U14) 4:52.7 PB; 400m: Lara Sacaner (U18) 62.82 PB, Jayme-Lee Cobain (U16) 62.93 SB, Audrey Savage (U20) 66.37 PB, Riley Walsh (U18) 54.58 SB, Mark Asllanaj (U18) 60.06 PB, Robert Asllanaj (U16) 65.05 PB, Maggie Armstrong (40+) 6:58.15 PB; 100m Mark Asllanaj (U18) 12.99 PB; Shot Put: Domenico Condello (40+) 7.18m PB; Discus: Joanna Margiolis (Open) 18.14m SB.

With a number of Athletics Victoria officials working at either the World Athletics Cross Country Championships of at the Victorian Little Athletics Regionals it was fantastic to see Essendon athletes and parents step up to assist to ensure the program ran to schedule. Big thanks to Matthew Millington, John Cooper, Joanna Margiolis, David Jones, Kim Walsh, Jack Walsh, Sukhjivan Singh, Luke Robertson, Andrew Boudrie, Adrian Fitzgerald, Chris Jackson, Siobhan Tarallo and Luke Gray for assisting throughout the day.