AVSL 2021/22 Round 5

Perfect Power Play Performance!

With everyone chipping in, we got the job done and took the day in emphatic style, winning AVSL round 5 by over 14,600 points. We now sit on top of premier division ahead of Eaglehawk, Glenhuntly and Diamond Valley. All teams did well with the W14s winning the day, while the W20, M20, M16 and M40 teams finished 2nd.

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful helpers. Especially those who stayed back to pack up (last to leave at 7.30). Without the help to set up, rake sand or measure jumps etc, there is no comp. Special mention to Joel Cuzzi for his help.

Next week we need to supply 3 Club Helpers at Meadowglen at the triple jump, starting at 1pm.

If you haven’t volunteered this year, get onto the Club Helpers App and book a spot. The jobs are all easy and you’ll make a big difference.

Special mention to more new members, some having one of their first hit out with us. Amy Pecchair, Natalie Williams, Amelia Ashton and Lachlan Hicks all contributed to our success on the day. Welcome to the club!

A number of athletes came out for their first hit out of the season to help with the power play – Ally Rogers, Cath Mendes, Matisse Lazzari, Zara Keca, Chris Mitrevski and Montana Djatschenko; all performed well.


Jamison Towers had an amazing day at Geelong, topping off a great year to date, with the best performance of any athlete in Victoria on Saturday. Her massive 1611 points came from 3 events but the star Multi athlete also ran a sharp 800m as a fourth event! She also broke the club U14 long jump record!

Maria Strong was second in the State with 1601 points and Mackenzie Leith 6th with 1459 points.

Maz Strong, Photos by Ryk Neethling (


Sukhnoor Rangi Under 16 and 17 pole vault 2.80m; breaking her own club records by 5cm.

Jamison Towers Under 14 long jump 5.44m

1000+ point efforts:

Marco Spagnuolo 1363 points

Lay Kankratok 1267 points

Richard Brophy 1261 points

Kevin Healy 1259 points

Melissa Foster 1256 points

Sukhnoor Rangi 1233 points

Amanda Wrout 1227 points

Khushnoor Rangi 1191 points

Jonty Neethling 1067 points

Special mentions to Kristian Lakusa (997) and Jannik Ernst (983)

500+ pointers:

Maria Strong 400m 583, 100m 558

Jamison Towers long jump 5.44m 560 points, high jump 1.55m 529 and 200m 26.09 522 pts

Chris Mitrevski (our club long jump record holder) 100m 10.21s 546 points – hope we have him for the Play Off!

Mackenzie Leith discus 47.54m 538 pts

Kevin Healy hammer 58.98m 519 pts

Mel Foster long jump 5.76m 517 pts

Tesia Haggai triple jump 11.19m 508 pts

Josh Djatschenko 400m 53.53s 502 pts

Imogen Makin discus 32.53m 501 pts

Marco Spagnuolo 100m 11.43s 500 pts


So many PBs this week!

Andreas Weickhardt 100m 11.78s

Jannik Ernst 12.81s

Chis Mitrevski 10.21s*

Marco Spagnuolo 11.43s

Lay Kankratok 11.59s

Sebastian Weickhardt 12.14s

Arden Stevens 12.27s

Dylan Rowbottom 13.07s

Lachlan Hicks 12.42s in his first run with his new club

Mackenzie Leith 23.63s

Riley Walsh 55.15s

Marco Spagnuolo 54.31s

Zach Hijazi 53.05s

Lachlan Hicks 56.74s

Josh Djatschenko 56.74s (a 2 sec PB!)

Sasha Jurson 63.03s (1.8 s PB)

Lara Sacaner 64.84s

Alicia Gec 65.25s

Mark Asllanaj 64.54s

Emily Mifsud 2:24.9 (6 sec improvement!)

Dash Newton 5:51.6

Vanessa D’Andrea 5:06.3

Ally Rogers 5:10.5

Sasha Jurson 5:25

Jayme-Lee Cobain 5:16.8

Michael Martello 4:04.3 (3 sec PB)

Rebecca Perilli 5:33.2

Jannik Ernst 5.09m (first time over 5m)

Mackenzie Leith 5.72m

Jamison Towers 5.44m

Sebastian Weickhardt 5.53m

Kim Walsh 24.23m (a 1.66m improvement)


To enter the Play Off (scheduled for March 5) you need to have competed in three rounds AND have a ranking / performance in the event(s) you wish to enter eg if you want to run the 200m, you need to have run that distance during the season.


We had a number of members run over the weekend (luckily we didn’t miss their AVSL points)

Damien Bruneau finished in 17th place in the main event. in 2h 27:59. A great effort for a 45 year old!

Karolina Czajowski finished 7th in the F 20 -24 category in a time of 1h 31m for the Half.

We had a crew of volunteers along with some of the Red & Blacks at the 41Km drinks station. Well done to you all for being up and out by 6am. The clubs will have raised some nice cash!

4 x 100m State relay Seeding

Get your teams together for next Saturday’s races at Meadowglen