AVSL 2020/21 Round 3

Round 3 saw another great team performance, giving the club its third straight top finish in Premier division. Most athletes did 3 events. One example was Jacob Despard, a top sprinter, competing for the first time this season, who competed in the long jump and discus, as well as the 200m.

Jacob Despard

Another BIG THANKS to our volunteer helpers. Brett Newton and Brett Hardeman, club VP Stella McNamara, Maggie Armstrong from our friends at Aberfeldie Masters and Sarah Keating, president of the Red & Black group added to the 7 members of the 40+ teams who filled our duties.

We had other members who filled in for other clubs too!

Remember, without AV officials AND our helpers we don’t have a sport.


Under 14 Jamison Towers was third in premier division (6th in the state) with 1310 points. Next was Matt Hosie who had a great day with 1242 points (4th in premier div and 10th best in the state). Kevin Healy (1195), MacKenzie Leith (1177), Jacob Despard (1137), Chantelle Leslie-Hughes (1137), Katie Baynes (1101), Richard Brophy (1076), Sukhnoor Rangi (1071), Alexis Sayner (1032) and Khushnoor Rangi (1023) rounded out our top performers.

It’s great to see many of our new members performing so well.


Eight of our 12 teams finished top or 2nd in Yellow Zone. W14, MOP, M40 finished on top, while M16 and W18 ended the day in 2nd spot in the Premier division.


Linda Caligiuri topped Premier division with a 1.66 sec PB. Mark Harper’s 23.53 (520 pts) put him in 3rd spot. Twelve year old Jamison Towers 27.12 (489 pts), Jacob Despard 22.46 (456), Sky Robertson 23.43 (452)) and Amanda Wrout 27.40 (440) were among our best.


This event saw 5 of our 40+ team battle it out. Danny Hawksworth just snuck under 12 minutes (315 points), while Brian Anderson 12:30 (415) lead the charge for points from Mark Donahoo with 12:46 (402). It was good to have Mark back in action for the first time this season. Let’s hope he can get his 3 rounds done for the Play Off.


Lots of good results but Jamison Towers 4.81m (503 pts) was a stand out. Matt Hosie 6.44m (433), Jacob Despard 5.65 (351), Katie Baynes 5.11m (486), Tesia Haggai 5.08m (482), Khushnoor Rangi 4.46m (459), Marco Spagnuolo 5.52m (426) were some of our best.

Photo Credit: Victoria Entwistle Hardeman


Kevin Healy competed at Nunawadding and topped Premier division with a throw of 42.04m (515) with a 1.5 Kg discus. Just behind Kevin was Mackenzie Leith, throwing a 1Kg disc 48.59m (506) to be 2nd in Premier div.

Victoria Entwistle- Hardemam with 35.47m (465), Imogen Makin 26.33m (453), Hannah Brodie 32.50m (446) and Matthew Hosie 36.17m (439) all performed well.


Please submit any performances directly to the club for consideration. The club no longer has the capacity to to look at every result from all the comps for all our athletes.

It is now up to coaches, athletes and parents to submit performances for consideration.