AVSL 2020/2021 Round 2

Round 2 saw most of our club at Windy Werribee. A big team effort saw us win the round comfortably, giving us 2 from 2 sitting on top of the Premier division ladder.

A BIG thanks to those members and parents who helped at the triple; Sarah Mullen, Tania Leith, Tatjana Weikhardt, Jack Walsh and mum Kim, Luke Robertson, Kieren Berne, Brian Anderson, Matty Goodger and of course the two Knox boys. Also a big thanks to Maz Strong for officiating at the shot put all day.

Our most successful teams were M18, W14, M40 and W40 who finished top in the state, while the M16 boys fished 2nd. We topped all but one division in Yellow Zone.

It’s terrific to see so many new members competing; many young athletes who will make us stronger.


Mark Harper finished in 9th spot with 1357 points, Jamison Towers was 10th in the state with 1337, Mel Foster was 16th with 1268 points, New member Arden Stevens was 21st with 1232 points while Katie Baynes rounded out our top 5 with 1203 points.


Linda Caligiuri again came close to the top of the state sprint ranking with 14.14 sec (531 points). Her time was just short of a Master’s state record! Others to do well into the howling head wind were Mark Harper 11.73s, Brian Mayengo 11.60, Sky Robertson 11.62, Chris Lim 11.76, Chris Vi 11.73, Ilana Grandine 12.25, Brett Maurer 12.50, Marco Spagnuolo 12.85 and Ellie Kewish 13.08.

Photo Credit: Victoria Entwistle-Hardeman


This event saw most runners going backwards or doing the “moon walk” in the home straight as fatigue and the wind hit them. However, there were quite a few good performances. Sky Robertson 53.4, Brett Maurer 54.87, Chris Vi 54.41, Patrick Steward 55.20, Michael Martello (at Doncaster) 55.34, Mark Harper 56.49 and our biggest points winner Ilana Grandine with 57.87 and 448 points. We can’t print what she said after she crossed the finish line. Special mention to new Under 14 member Arden Stevens for his 60.46 performance.

Photo Credit: Joanna Margiolis


We dominated this event across Premier division with seven of the top 10 results. Angus Wood (2nd in the state) jumped 14.64m for a massive 506 points, Arden Stevens was 3rd across the state with 11.87m and 493 points. Tesai Haggai was 4th with 10.91m, Katie Baynes was 6th with 10.78m, Cooper Cavallo was 7th with 13.54, Khushnoor Rangi 8th with 10.12 and Jamison Towers rounded out the top 10 point scorers with 10.11m

Other notable performances came from Liam Glew 12.98m, Mel Foster 10.82, Marco Spagnuolo 11.56m and Andreas Weickhardt 11.24m


Kevin Healy was easily our best with a 13.57m (479 points) competing at Nunawadding. Kevin’s throw is a new club Under 17 shot record! Mackenzie Leith 10.32m and Victoria Entwistle-Hardeman 10.01 (411 points) were not far behind. Imogen Makin (F14) scored 446 points with her 9.12m performance, while her F14 team mate, Jamison Towers scored 434 points with her 8.70m performance. Declan Berne (9.46m) and Andreas Weickhardt (9.30m) round out our notable performances.

Round 3 kicks off at Aberfeldie next Sunday at 9am. Thanks to all who have volunteered to help with our club duties.

We are now looking for Helpers for Round 4 (which is again at Home).

If you have a spare hour to help on Dec 20, call John on 0414373157