AV Shield Round 2 Report.

AV Shield Round 2 Report. 13/10/18.

report by Steve Murphy.

Last Saturday 13 October for round 2 of AV Shield most of our athletes travelled away and out to Doncaster to the Tom Kelly Track, for another perfect afternoon of spring weather and track and field competition.

Numbers were a little bit down from most clubs, with the Melbourne Marathon Festival looming on the following day.

Round 2 was not as good as round 1, with three first places this round, compared to six in round 1.

All teams were competitive and remain in contention at this very early stage of the twelve round AV shield season.

MOP Third

M40 Second

M18 Second

M16 Second

M14 First

FOP Second

F20 First

F18 Second

F16 First

F14 Second

Highest point scorer’s per event this round :-

AV Shield Round 2. Saturday 13 October 2018.
Event Athlete Division Performance Points
Run 100m J.Mabia M18 11.34 445
Run 200m M.Harper M40 24.02 470
Run 400m J.Tat M16 61.28 209
Run 800m J.Cooper M65 2.39.6 434
Run 1500m J.Tat M16 5.24.34 177
Run 3000m Z.Hijazi M14 11.20.1 198
Run 5000m M.Pitisano MOP 15.49.7 443
Steeple 2000m L.Attard M16 6.56.2 412
Hurdles 90m S.Dor M14 19.74 128
Hurdles 100m J.Tat M16 19.74 182
Walk 3000m M.Donahoo M60 17.35.7 438
Discus A.Murugathas M18 36.78m 429
Hammer K.Healy M14 46.14m 416
High Jump H.Orr M14 1.70m 406
Javelin M.Burkhardt M20 32.08m 360
Long Jump B.Oztorun MOP 6.82m 489
Shot Put K.Healy M14 12.65m 292
Triple Jump E.Villi F16 10.93m 309
Run 100m N.Lawson F20 12.69 458
Run 200m M.Djatschenko F18 27.18 414
Run 800m B.Puglisi F18 2.22.4 431
Run 1500m J.McLaren FOP 5.03.4 396
Run 3000m A.Jungfer F18 11.29.4 331
Run 5000m L.Atkin FOP 18.11.2 456
Steeple 2000m E.Newton F16 12.20.1 105
Hurdles 400m E.Connors F18 74.73 322
Discus M.Strong TF33, F45 13.65m 544
Hammer M.Hardiman FOP 13.47m 165
High Jump M.Bousie F18 1.60m 458
Javelin M.Strong TF33, F45 9.05m 480
Long Jump K.Tapungao F16 4.92m 500
Shot Put F.Vili F14 10.01m 413
Triple Jump Z.Keca FOP 11.48m 473


We have had a few more athletes register since the round 1 report, hopefully this will be noticable in our round 3 results.

We still have a number of athletes who haven’t yet renewed their registrations from last season, please arrange to do so, to assist you training squad team members to strive for AV Shield Final.

Round 3 is this Saturday 20 October 2018 and you can compete at Newport (Williamstown), Ringwood, Ballarat, Bendigo or Geelong.

The majority of our athletes will be at Newport (Williamstown), but if it suits you better, you would be welcome to compete at any of the other four venues.

Round 4 entries for Saturday 28 October have are already opened on-line at the AV website and some of our athletes have already entered.

So get your entries in quickly or else you will miss out, especially if you are a field events athlete.