AV Shield Round 1 Report – Aberfeldie – 6/10/18.

AV Shield – Round 1 Report. 6/10/18.

by Steve Murphy.

AV Shield summer track and field season opened for business with round 1 last Saturday on a glorious spring day for our one and only home round at Aberfeldie.

The club has entered 10 teams this season.

Five men’s teams, open men, 40+ men, U18 men, U16 men and U14 men.

And five women’s teams, open women, U20 women, U18 women, U16 women, U14 women.

Our club goal is to get all 10 teams to qualify for AV Shield final on Saturday 23 February. To do this each team must finish first or second in their division at the end of the 12 round season.

We had a very successful start, with six of our ten teams winning round 1.

MOP Third

M40 First

M18 Second

M16 First

M14 First

FOP First

F20 ??

F18 Second

F16 First

F14 First

This is the second year of the new AV scoring system, based on an athlete’s performance they can score between 100-600 points in each event, with 600 points being the maximum possible score and 100 points being the minimum. A very small minority of performances will not receive any points, if they are below the minimum threshold.

Highest point scorer’s per event this round :-

Event Athlete Division Performance Points
Run 100m C.Ritchie M50 12.72 445
Run 400m D.Hoskins MOP 49.93 478
Run 1500m M.Scott M20 3.58.4 485
Hurdles 100m C. Knox M16 21.68 130
Hurdles 200m J.Ramsay M14 37.99 170
Walk 2000m B.Anderson M60 15.21.6 277
Walk 5000m C.Erickson MOP 24.36.30 409
Discus T.Wilson M40 35.60m 461
High Jump J.Walsh M16 1.75m 421
Javelin T.Wilson M40 34.54m 418
Long Jump P.Akin Ojelabi MOP 6.70m 480
Pole Vault J.Guglielmino M18 2.95m 294
Triple Jump J.Walsh M16 10.40m 266
Run 100m C.Mendes F20 12.48 476
Run 400m M.Koeleman FOP 65.38 328
Run 1500m B.Puglisi F18 4.56.6 417
Discus M.Strong TF33, F45 13.00m 536
Javelin M.Strong TF33, F45 9.43m 489
Long Jump Z.Keca FOP 5.60m 500
Shot Put F.Vili F14 12.04m 459


We encourage all athletes to pre-enter for their events on-line at the AV website to avoid disappointment.

A number of field events were already filled before entries closed on-line in round 1, so get your entries in early or you will miss out.

Round 2 is this Saturday 13 October 2018 and you can compete at Doncaster, Burwood, Ballarat, Bendigo or Geelong.

The majority of our athletes will be at Doncaster, but if it suits you better, go to one of the other four venues.

To maximise your team’s chances of making shield final and being competitive, could all athletes aim to do at least three events during each round of shield.